Master the Skill of English Communication through Diverse Learning Methods & Comprehensive Courses by Giaotieptienganh

June 04 19:04 2021
Giaotieptienganh is a top-tier English language institute based in Hanoi, Vietnam, offering a great learning environment and multiple study methods to everyone aspiring to learn, improve and excel at English communication regardless of age and educational background.

Language has always been a significant part of the human experience. From cave drawings to hieroglyphs, human history is intimately tied with the ability to communicate and share ideas. Now the world has become a global village, and people from different geographical locations have to communicate with each other; therefore, the need for a common language was genuine. Due to diverse reasons, English emerged as a leading language of international discourse in the current century, making learning English as a second language imperative to interact effectively with others.

According to Giaotieptienganh, Statistics reveal that almost half of the Vietnamese population doesn’t speak the language, and the other half’s proficiency also varies a lot. It’s crucial that people who are looking for success professionally or academically have access to the resources they need to learn English communication and to present that Giaotieptienganh was founded. The institute, located in a central spot in Hanoi, has been providing English language tutoring for a long time. They have helped an enormous number of students in the city học giao tiếp tiếng anh (Learn English communication) to integrate into the world. The center’s primary focus is on teaching students to speak fluently so they can function well socially as well as professionally when communicating with native speakers and people well versed in the language.

For many people, learning a new language is an insurmountable task. However, this changes with the support of Giaotieptienganh, Hanoi’s first English language institute that helps people learn English communication skills via live online classes with teachers, recorded lectures and also the traditional class-room style method. The institute believes in complete support to the students; therefore, any problems and questions during the training are also clarified on the spot. Each lesson brings practical value, helping the learners effectively improve their language skills.

The school leverage innovative mobile applications to help students memorize vocabulary and practice grammar. The application is built with a beautiful yet sophisticated interface to offer a great learning experience to the students. With offline lectures, prepared drills and exercises, and individualized feedback from instructors through video calls or in-person, it has never been easier for individuals to enhance their language proficiency from the comfort of their homes. With the help of seasoned language experts, Giaotieptienganh can teach and guide anyone, no matter their age or profession, to reach new levels of English language proficiency!

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