Closing Ceremony on Integrated Anti-Epidemic Solutions is Held By The World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies

February 09 05:16 2021

Closing Ceremony on Integrated Anti-Epidemic Solutions is held by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies

On February 3, 2021, with the unanimous support of the participants, Dr. Yingqiu Wang, founding president of the International Medical University of the United States, was selected to serve as the Chairman of the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies. Chairman Wang Yingqiu nominated Dr. Fu Xueli be the World Federation founding member and Executive Chairman of the Medical Association, which was approved unanimously. The following individuals were also appointed: as Lifetime Honorary Chairmen: Dong Zhilin, Tao Yiqing, Wei Guikang, Yang Jinsheng, and Fang Bangjiang; as Lifetime Co-Chairmen: Zhu Miansheng, Zheng Jianhua, Jiang Dan, Ren Jizhong, Lu Biao, Lu Xin, Li Shudong, Tian Haihe, Su Huachang, Lu Shengchun, Huang Guojian, Zhang Li, and Effie Poy Yew Chow.

Closing Ceremony on Integrated Anti-Epidemic Solutions is held by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies

In a joint statement, the committee said that with these actions they establish together to support the establishment of the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies and will work together to promote and realize the ultimate goal of the Federation.

Closing Ceremony on Integrated Anti-Epidemic Solutions is held by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies

Chairman Miansheng Zhu reported on the proposal of Pan European Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultants, which was supported. Dr. Fu Xueli led the successful motion to establish of December 17th as the anniversary of the successful World Tai Chi application for its inscription on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Now, 139 people have signed it, and nearly 200 units mainly in the traditional Chinese medicine community have signed and supported it. The proposal has been forwarded to the Chinese Ambassador to UNESCO Yang Jin, and reported to the co-sponsor, Academician and National hero, Professor Zhang Boli. As a key element of the proposal, related activities such as Tai Chi performances, promotional teaching, large conferences and other related activities will be carried out on the last weekend of April each year for World Tai Chi Day and the anniversary of the successful World Tai Chi application to be held on December 17, annually.

Chairman Jiang Dan pointed out that the Global Integrated Anti-Pandemic and Disaster Relief English Forum held on January 23-24, 2021, was a great success as an online conference. During this time where the global epidemic is in full swing, publishing information about the anti-epidemic effects of Chinese medicine, oriental fitness methods, correct health concepts, and precise acupuncture therapy are undoubtedly timely and extremely meaningful events. These efforts which have generating positive  results in the global Chinese medicine and sports world, emphasizing health and rehabilitation, are gaining unanimous support from the scientific research community. This kind of activity was very impactful and fully supported by everyone participating.

For two days and a total of 28 hours, the top Chinese medicine and acupuncture experts, Tai Chi, Qigong masters, and other therapies, such as western medicine, hypnosis, chiropractic physiotherapy, essential oils, meditation, nutrition, homeopathy, etc. from all over the world, all gathered online. 

More than 70 speakers in various fields come from nearly 50 countries and regions participated. Chairman Zheng Jianhua, the co-organizer of the forum, the co-chairman of the Lifetime Chairman of the Australian Society of Chinese Medicine pointed out that they have been very supportive of the two forums from the beginning and supported the holding of such positive anti-epidemic academic exchange activities.

Both Chairman Dong Zhilin and Lu Xin supported and praised the conference. Professor Su Huachang, Vice Chairman of the American Association of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and Chairman of the California Association of Professional Acupuncture and Chinese Physicians, participated in two consecutive meetings and has been very supportive of the conference. As an expert on the important role of vaccines in the COVID epidemic, Su Huachang pointed out that vaccines must reach 70% injection rate. It really has caused an inflection point in the spread of COVID-19, so according to his research, it is estimated that it will take 6 months to 1 year for the epidemic to be truly controlled if the current vaccine speed is used.

Chairman Lu Biao remarked that this kind of conference is very meaningful and expressed hope that more doctors can use more traditional Chinese medicine methods to help patients while protecting themselves. Everyone can share their proprietary treatment methods with one another through this conference to fight the epidemic together. This has achieved good results and should help Chinese medicine gain recognition in the mainstream. For both Chinese and English-language conferences, nearly 500 major American media outlets published the conference news summary, resulting nearly 100,000 page views. This is a rare publicity for the conference.

Canadian Chinese Medical President Huang Guojian agreed to increase English-language publicity on behalf of the group’s efforts to the media in Canada.  Tai Chi Chairman Weng Qixiu proposed that Tai Chi should be promoted in universities to fight the epidemic.

Closing Ceremony on Integrated Anti-Epidemic Solutions is held by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies

Chen Wenqian, veteran TCM practitioner in Portugal, reported to the conference that the Portuguese epidemic is in a serious crisis and that health practitioners take the risk every day to treat patients. They are very tired and exhausted. The patients who come to see the doctor mainly have mild and moderate cases. Her treatment is very effective, but she still requested get help from the conference. Chairman Wang Yingqiu, Chairman Zheng Jianhua and other experts provided many practical suggestions, and recommended use of the anti-epidemic prescription launched by the Expert Committee Chairman Lu Biao and Academic Committee Chairman Jiang Dan.

Li Yujin volunteered to provide free Chinese medicine like Teacher Lu Biao, stating that their information medicine package has treated more than 300 cases with good results. Teacher Li Ye from Malaysia remarked that Southeast Asian Chinese medicine still has not entered the mainstream, and we must work together to address this. He Guangde, director of the Qigong and Tai Chi Professional Committee of the American Academy of Chinese Medicine, observed that Tai Chi is not as good as yoga at self-promotion and that he is very happy to see this kind of practical steps taken to promote Tai Chi together.

Tian Haihe, president of the American Academy of Chinese Medicine, like Fang Bangjiang, Director of the World Central Committee’s Critical Care Committee, participated in two global integrated anti-epidemic forum web summits and gave lectures despite his busy schedule. Fang Bangjiang, Wuhan anti-epidemic hero was appointed a Co-Organizer and gave two keynote speeches, contributing first-hand clinical experience to the world’s anti-epidemic efforts and committing to always fully support the anti-epidemic exchanges at the conference.

Microsoft senior engineer Frank Wu, chairman of Seattle Junrui Tai Chi, said that they are willing to participate in Tai Chi activities that support this integrated medicine, so that they can better promote Tai Chi in high-tech companies and are willing to share their non-profit organization experience to help development.

Dr. Chong Yinong served as an English interpreter with her clear voice and accurate translation and played an important role for making the conference a success. She said that the Federation of Societies should strengthen communication with the mainstream society in English and spread the profound Chinese medicine culture to the world. She is willing to contribute to the promotion of techniques and courses by masters of Chinese medicine and Tai Chi Qigong.

Dr. Li Shudong, a member of the California Acupuncture and Moxibustion Board and the initiator of medical Tai Chi, said that the two forums integrated Tai Chi Qigong and medicine to better promote Tai Chi from the perspective of Chinese medicine.  He just launched the medical Tai Chi series just like this.

As follow-up to these conferences, Chairman Dr Effie Poy Yew Chow, announces the WORLD CONGRESS/SUMMIT on COVID/TCM/QIGONG/TAICHI/NATURAL INNOVATIVE HEALING sponsored by the East West Academy of Healing Arts will begin on April 24, 2021 cooperating with World Tai Chi and Qigong Day – Bill Douglas and in partnership with all the listed agencies here such as executive chairman Dr. Jack Fu’s World Federation of Integrative Health.  Dr. Fu’s program section will be “World Integrative Pandemic Summit”.

We have many other co-chairs and co-sponsors for this Congress/Summit including Gigi Oh of KungFu Magazine, Tiger Claw, TCMedia; Rose Hong of Global Dragon Television (; Dr. Melinda Connor of National Alliance Of Energy Practitioners (NAOEP) and National Certification Center of Energy Practitioners (NCCOEP); Representative Sifu Donald Wong; Dr. Wang Yingqiu; and many more. We are open to others joining us. 

The purpose is to continue making highly significant influences as we have done for the past 20 years on national and international policy makers, legislation, the key health, and be funded as well!

In the 1970’s the acupuncturists were jailed! Now we must include these innovative/integrative methods and be more effective and successful quickly in erasing pandemic world-wide!  We must and can eliminate COVID cases and unnecessary deaths utilizing and expanding proven successful programs as reported.  The executive chairman Dr. Jack Fu of the World Federation of Integrative Health is a partner responsible for 2-3 days program education, and financial institutions to make major changes to include these innovative healing systems focused on TCM/Qigong/TaiChi. The one-week Congress will also feature other effective cultural natural healing methods and begin fundraising for future educational and clinical services. 

For integrative health practices be considered first class service we now must develop an insurance-like reimbursement schedule to pay for people who wish to practice wellness therapies to stay well!

The presenters will have a great opportunity to be published in the “Natural Healing Discoveries” ( book and TV series in English jointly produced by Dr Effie Chow, Dr. Jack Fu and Rose Hong of Global Dragon Television to introduce integrative medicine to mainstream academia and consumers.  All expert presenters from world-over are welcome to submit lecture and research manuscripts in English for publication to Rose Hong through email:  [email protected] or WeChat: Jackfu626 and GlobalDragonTV.

Zhang Li, the life-long Co-Chairman of WFIMS and the person in charge of Chinese media outreach, said in just one day following the publishing of an informational article on the anti-epidemic and disaster relief academic forum in China, 433,267 people viewed the release. We published information through a total of 200 Chinese domestic media outlets, and they received amazing response. Co-Chairman Zhang Li is currently implementing an integrated medicine conference with the Fujian Provincial Government in September 2021 that will feature both online and offline integration. Finally, Chairman Wang Yingqiu summarized the key areas of need highlighted by the two forums: (1) Promotional efforts in both Chinese and English are timely, professional, and ambitious; (2) we must continuously fight against the epidemic; (3) we must continue to improve the establishment of the organization; (4) we must make full use of the advantages of the American International Medical University to strengthen scientific research and education; (5) we must continue to integrate multiple aspects of medicine as the main principles of TCM, such as “man correspondent to Heaven”, “the way is natural”, and “the nuclear and the universe are in harmony”; and (6) we must continue to promote the epidemic and disaster relief to a wider audience in more countries to help everyone fight the virus.

Closing Ceremony on Integrated Anti-Epidemic Solutions is held by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies

It was also announced that in December 2021, the grand “Fifth World Integrative Medicine Conference” will be held in conjunction with the World Tai Chi Heritage Application Anniversary to summarize and celebrate the success of the fight against the epidemic and disaster relief! We hope everyone will protect themselves first and improve their immunity. Health is the most advantageous weapon to defeat the Coronavirus! Finally, at the conclusion of the nearly three-hour meeting, the participants raised their hands and shouted: Integrating the fight against the epidemic will surely win!

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