Exploring Vietnam Made Easier: Vietnam Online Visa Application Now Available for European Travelers

August 26 02:00 2023
Citizens of Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, and Greece can now apply for a Vietnamese visa through an easy-to-use online platform.

The newly launched Vietnam online visa application process is a result of collaborative efforts between Vietnamese authorities and the governments of Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, and Greece. This joint endeavor is designed to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for travelers seeking to explore the beauty and richness of Vietnam.

Citizens of Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, and Greece can now apply for a Vietnamese visa through an easy-to-use online platform. This digital system simplifies the application process, allowing applicants to complete forms, upload required documents, and make secure online payments. The new process aims to expedite visa processing times, enabling travelers to receive their visas promptly and plan their trips to Vietnam with ease. The streamlined process provides clear guidelines, ensuring that applicants understand the visa requirements comprehensively. This transparency reduces uncertainties and empowers travelers to submit accurate and complete applications. The online application process covers various visa categories, catering to travelers visiting for tourism, business meetings, cultural exchanges, and more.


Except for nationals of visa-exempt nations, Vietnam immigration policies require practically all residents of the countries to get a Vietnam visa before visiting Vietnam. They should carefully check if they are on the Vietnam visa exemption list or if they need to apply for a Vietnam visa before entering the country. Apply for a Vietnam e-visa to stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 30 days in a single entry. The Vietnam e-visa is valid for citizens of 80 countries, including Finnish. Finnish citizens can obtain a Vietnam E-visa (Electronic visa). Finnish passport holders can apply for a one-month single-entry E-visa for a variety of objectives including tourist, business, working, learning, and teaching. The online Vietnam Visa application form for Finnish people can be completed in as little as ten minutes. On the passport page, applicants must include personal information, contact information (email and address), and employment information.


Almost all citizens of the countries must obtain a Vietnam visa before traveling to Vietnam, with the exception of those who are citizens of countries that do not require visas. Before traveling to Vietnam, they should carefully verify whether their name is on the list of people who are exempt from obtaining a visa or if they must first obtain one. To stay in Vietnam for no more than 30 days in a single entrance, apply for a Vietnam e-visa. French nationals and citizens of 80 other nations are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa. An electronic visa for Vietnam is available to French nationals. Holders of French passports are eligible to apply for a one-month, single-entry E-visa for a range of purposes, including travel for business, pleasure, employment, education, and training. The online Vietnam Visa application form for French people can be completed in as little as ten minutes. On the passport page, applicants must include personal information, contact information (email and address), and employment information.


Georgian travelers, if citizens are looking for a guide that will educate them about everything they need to know about a Vietnam e-Visa for Georgian citizens, then this is the perfect guide for them. This guide comprises all the topics and sections about getting a Visa for Vietnam which will make it extremely easy for them to obtain one through the right way. The different sections that will be thrown light on for gaining a Vietnam visa for Georgian citizens are necessary documents, processing period, and application process. The Vietnam E-Visa is basically a visa for which an applicant must apply from their native country or any country outside Vietnam. The electronic visa for Vietnam is valid for single-entry use for a period of thirty days. This e-visa can also be referred to as the Vietnam Tourist Visa. Why Georgian citizens need a visa is simple. A Visa is required for tourists from other countries to enter Vietnam.


German citizens are fortunate that they are eligible for a quick, simple, easy, and streamlined process for applying for an electronic and Online Vietnam Visa Application. The Vietnam Online Visa Application Form is a very succinct and to-the-point Online Application Form which is typically finished in under five (5) minutes. It is expected that the individual applying for this form knows details and keeps the following information handy such as their passport page details, their home address, email address, office designation, and occupation details. Citizens can take a photo of their face and passport with their mobile phone and upload it along with the application.

German citizens do not need to stand in the queue in any bureaucratic Government office, or consulate, or the Embassy of Vietnam to acquire entry into Vietnam. There are 80 such countries in the world who are eligible for this simple, smooth, and quick process. Germany also belongs to this exclusive club and Vietnam Visa for Austrian citizens can be obtained in a few days on this website. Citizens will receive the Vietnam Visa Online electronically by email in PDF format. This eVisa for Vietnam is linked to their passport. As soon as they receive confirmation by email, they can take the flight to the airport in Vietnam. German citizens are lucky that they can receive a Vietnam Visa by email because the process has been made rapid and simplified for German citizens. The only expectation and requirement for German citizens is to possess a working Email ID, and a functioning Credit / Debit card. They also need a photo that they can take by phone of their face and the biodata page of the Passport.


Greek nationals are lucky to benefit from a simple and quick application process for an electronic and online Vietnam visa. The short Vietnam Online Visa Application Form may usually be finished in about five minutes. Applicants must have some information ready, such as their passport information, home address, email address, occupation, and a photo of themselves in their passport and at home that can be uploaded. Greek citizens need not endure queues at governmental offices, consulates, or the Vietnamese Embassy for entry into Vietnam. Among 80 eligible countries, Greece enjoys this streamlined process. The Vietnam Visa for Greek citizens can be acquired in a few days through this website, and the eVisa is delivered electronically in PDF format via email. This eVisa is linked to their passport, allowing for easy flight to Vietnam upon email confirmation. The process is expedited and simplified for Greek citizens, requiring a functional email, credit/debit card, and a passport photo taken with a phone. The Vietnam Visa fees are paid online, initiating the application process. As the eVisa arrives by email, Greek citizens are saved the time and effort of physical passport stamping. The electronic copy serves as proof, enabling them to board flights to Vietnam directly from the airport.

Vietnam Visa Online (eVisa Vietnam) for Greek citizens is typically received within a week, with most cases resolved in five business days. In rare instances, additional information may be requested by Vietnam Immigration, slightly extending the process. Approximately 98% of cases are resolved within five business days, advising applicants to apply one week before their intended trip to Vietnam.


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