“A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife” – A Profound Journey Into the Beyond

August 23 16:09 2023
Author Cynthia J. Girman Shares an Extraordinary Tale of Connection, Revelation, and Hope.

Prepare to embark on an incredible journey beyond the confines of mortality with the highly anticipated release of “A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife” by Cynthia J. Girman. This captivating book explores an extraordinary narrative of a mother’s psychic connection with her departed son, delving into life’s mysteries beyond the veil of death.

Author Cynthia J. Girman invites readers to traverse a universe seldom explored, where the living and the departed connect with an intimate and compelling dialogue. Through her personal experience, Girman reveals the heart and soul of her journey to comprehend the uncharted territories of existence.

“A Voice from Heaven” chronicles the life-altering journey of Cynthia Girman, who was confronted with unimaginable heartache upon the news of her son Alec’s passing at the young age of 22 due to an overdose of an over-the-counter substance, kratom. Amidst her grief and the quest for solace, Cynthia’s life took an unexpected turn as she began conversing with her departed son. In the midst of her mourning, she found a conduit for healing, connection, and exploration.

“A Voice from Heaven” extends an outstretched hand to those grappling with loss, seeking solace, and pondering the mysteries of life, death, and what lies beyond. Cynthia J. Girman’s intimate and transformative narrative bridges the gap between worlds, providing reassurance, understanding, and illumination for those seeking answers in their moments of darkness and grief.

About the Author

Cynthia Girman, a distinguished leader in pharmaceutical consulting, holds a Doctor of Public Health from UNC and is a fellow of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology. Alongside her husband, she is collaborating with researchers at University of North Carolina who are conducting innovative research on brain stimulation for treatment of substance use disorder and addiction. Cynthia and Tom are passionate about travel, safari and time with family and friends. They divide their activities between North Carolina’s coast and mountains. The loss of their son Alec in 2021 drives their dedication to addiction research and intention to make a difference. It extends to her book’s proceeds, with 50% directed toward addiction research.

“A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife” is now available on Amazon and major book retailers.

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