Spectacular global livestream featuring China’s two super green power plants successfully held in the enchanting grassland and desert

August 23 19:51 2023

On August 15, the first National Ecological Day in China, millions of people from around the world were entertained by the global live stream themed “Harnessing the Power of Wind and the Sun: Exploring China’s Two Massive Green Power Plants in the Grassland and Desert”, designed by Global Times Online. The livestream took audiences both at home and abroad on a virtual tour of these two green “giants” in Ulanqab and Hami, both invested, designed, constructed and operated by Energy China. The live stream showcased how these new power stations can achieve true zero fuel consumption and zero pollutant emissions, contributing to the goal of reaching carbon peak and carbon neutrality as early as possible through the use of science and technology. This highly anticipated event also highlighted the dedication and expertise of the builders applied in these two super projects.

The livestream connected two projects located more than 1,300 kilometers apart. One of them is the Ulanqab New Generation Grid-friendly Green Power Station Demonstration Project, located on the Inner Mongolia grassland. It is the world’s largest and the first national source-grid-load-storage integrated demonstration project. Once completed, this project is expected to generate about 6.332 billion kWh of electricity per year. The other one is the Hami 50 MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, situated in the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang. It is one of the first solar thermal demonstration projects in China, with a current installed capacity of 50MW and an annual power generation of about 200 million kWh, which can meet the needs of approximately 24,000 households. Both projects have not only contributed the greenest energy to China’s economic development but have also showcased China’s green technology to the world.

During the live stream, the host from Global Times Online led global netizens to visit the fan-hoisting operation site in Ulanqab, allowing them to experience the awe-inspiring sight of a 1000-ton crane and witness the professionalism and teamwork of the local workers. Additionally, the host climbed to the 181-meter platform at the top of the heat-collecting tower of the Hami Solar Thermal Project, providing a firsthand experience of the advanced control technology of the heliostat, with the assistance of drone photography.

More than 14 million people watched this global live stream in Chinese, with the total views of short video + live stream reaching 130 million. Besides, the total views of the live stream in English exceed 10 million, and the whole platform has attracted nearly 100 million overseas audiences, setting off a wave of overseas communication.

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