Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd Enhances Packaging and Crating Services to Unprecedented Heights in Singapore

August 22 17:33 2023
Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd Boosts Packaging and Crating Services to New Heights in Singapore.

Singapore – August 22, 2023 – Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd, a venerable institution in the packaging and crating industry since its inception in 1964, proudly unveils a remarkable leap forward in its service offerings. Renowned for its dependable, top-quality transport boxes and customized packaging solutions, the company is once again raising the industry standard.

With the prestigious endorsement from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for their participation in the Treatment Provider Scheme (TPS), Kaibeng is reinforcing its unwavering commitment to delivering best-in-class services.

Services Offered by Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd:

  • Heat Treatment & Sterilization: Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd is now authorized by AVA to conduct heat treatment on wooden packaging materials under the Treatment Provider Scheme (TPS).
  • Proficient Packaging Solutions: Kaibeng offers a wide spectrum of packaging solutions, encompassing standard packing, vacuum sealing, nitrogen packaging, DG (Dangerous Goods) packing, out-of-gauge packing, and heat shrink packaging.
  • Uncrating & Move-in Services: The company exercises the utmost care in crating and moving valuable possessions, employing materials such as bubble wrap, styrofoam, poly-foam, and expanded polyester urethane. Tilt and shock indicator devices are affixed for enhanced safety during transit.
  • Container Stuffing/Unstuffing Excellence: Dedicated teams equipped with essential packing materials and tools guarantee precise and punctual container stuffing and unstuffing services.
  • Specialized Packaging Solutions: Kaibeng excels in delivering specialized packaging solutions, encompassing custom crating tailored to precise specifications and reusable crates for cost-effective and eco-conscious packaging.
  • On-Site Packaging: Kaibeng offers on-site packaging services for the utmost convenience.

Decades of Unparalleled Expertise

With over five decades of experience in packaging and crating, Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd excels in meeting industry demands. Its advanced manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art technology enable a remarkable daily production capacity of 500m3, perfectly catering to clients’ stringent requirements.

Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd enjoys a sterling reputation in industrial sectors such as cleanroom equipment, semiconductors, healthcare, oil and gas, and heavy industry.

About Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd

Established in 1964, Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd stands as a pioneer in the packaging and crating sector, offering dependable and high-quality transport boxes and personalized services. Specializing in project logistics, bespoke packaging, and machinery transportation, Kaibeng provides cost-effective solutions locally, nationally, and globally. The company values excellence, employee training, and adherence to craftsmanship standards while complying with domestic and international regulations.

For more information, please visit Kaibeng Wooden Case Mfg Pte Ltd at https://kaibeng.com.sg/.

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