Anna Lepeshkina, chasing her dreams from Moscow to the Crown

August 16 08:31 2023

The shining star of the beauty world, the winner of the title, Miss New York Ambassador US Nation 2023, Anna Lepeshkina, recently shared insights into her journey to success and her unique personality traits in an exclusive interview session. She opened up about the experience, which ignited a spark in her to pursue modeling as a career and choose the path of spotlights and runways. The inspirations she got have taken her from her roots in Moscow to the glamorous runways of New York.

She stepped into the beauty world when she got to work with the renowned designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev in Moscow at only 22 years of age. But her interest in modeling started long before that, thanks to the iconic Cindy Crawford. As a child, she saw a design magazine with Cindy Crawford gracing the cover. She declared her ambitions with glittering eyes, vowing to emulate her idol’s success.

Anna thinks the fashion industry is much more than glitzy magazine popularity and fashion shows. It can transform an individual inside out and influence people globally. Anna’s insights into the fashion industry come from her experiences, as she truly understands the transformative impact that modeling can have on one’s self-esteem and aspirations.

As Miss New York Ambassador US Nation 2023, Anna plans to flourish in her career utilizing the recognition she has gotten with her title. Her next goal is to sign a contract with a reputable modeling agency, to amplify her reach.

In the future, Anna dreams of achieving a milestone very close to her heart and holds immense significance – gracing the cover of a magazine alongside her childhood muse, Cindy Crawford. No doubt, her devotion and unwavering will can make her childhood dream come true.

Anna aspires to grace some prestigious platforms. From Tom Ford’s luxury to Versace’s iconic charm, she envisions herself walking the spectacular ramps of Moschino, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, and Ralph Lauren. Her aspirations embody her desire to showcase her versatility and elegance, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world’s most illustrious stages.

Her ambition of breaking stereotypes associated with the modeling industry, specifically the conventional belief that beauty diminishes with age, embodies her progressive mindset and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the modeling industry. She firmly believes that beauty is timeless and has no limitations.

Besides the runway lights and camera flashes, Anna’s beauty and talent shine through her multiple interests. From boxing and opera singing to snowboarding, motocross, and dancing, she embodies diverse passions that reflect her unique personality. Her spiritual interests and love for life and people tell us about the depth of her character, demonstrating that true beauty stems from a combination of inner and outer qualities.

Her hard work and journey from Moscow to the crown of the Miss New York Ambassador US Nation title exemplify the transformative power of determination. Her story is a beacon of hope for future talents, encouraging them to chase and live their dreams and pursue every interest that ignites a spark in them.

Support Anna’s journey to ultimately the Miss Nation Universe crown. Follow her on Instagram; @ Anna_bebe_18.

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