Digital Badges Market Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Industry Analysis, Advance Technology and Forecast 2028

August 10 02:57 2023
Digital Badges Market Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Industry Analysis, Advance Technology and Forecast 2028
Pearson (UK), Instructure (US), SkillSoft Corporation (US), PeopleCert (UK), Accredible (US), Parchment (US), EbizON (India), Accreditrust Technologies (US), Badgecraft (Lithuania), Badge List (US), Bestr (Italy), Basno (US), Saarni Learning Oy (Finland), ForAllSystems (US), LearningTimes (US), Nocti Business Solutions (US).
Digital Badges Market by Offering (Platforms and Services), Type (Certification, Participation, Recognition, Achievement, Contribution), End User (Academic, Corporate, Government, Non-profit Organizations) and Region – Global Forecast to 2028

The global Digital Badges Market size is projected to grow from USD 0.2 billion in 2023 to USD 0.5 billion by 2028, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.5%. The growth in adoption of online education and use of blockchain for digital badges is driving the growth of the market.

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By end user, academic segment is estimated to account for the largest market share in 2023.

Digital badges have gained popularity in academic settings due to their numerous advantages for educational institutions and learners. These badges serve as digital representations of specific achievements or skills earned by students. They offer micro-credentialing, recognizing granular accomplishments beyond traditional grades or degrees. Digital badges serve as motivators, encouraging student engagement and progress. They support personalized learning by aligning with individual pathways and interests. Portability and shareability make it easy for students to showcase their badges on various platforms, enhancing their digital presence. Moreover, digital badges provide evidence of skills and competencies, boosting students’ employability. They promote lifelong learning, provide feedback and assessment, and foster collaboration and recognition within academic communities. By incorporating digital badges, academic institutions can enhance motivation, personalize learning experiences, and provide valuable credentials to students.

By type, certification badge is expected to register the largest market size during the forecast period.

Certification digital badges are digital credentials that verify an individual’s successful completion of a specific training program, course, or certification. These badges serve as a visual representation of the individual’s mastery of knowledge and skills in a particular area. They are typically issued by educational institutions, professional organizations, or industry bodies. Certification badges serve as a valuable tool for career advancement. They demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and professional development, which is highly valued in many industries. These badges can open new job opportunities, promotions, or higher salaries, as they validate the individual’s specialized knowledge and skills. certification badges contribute to building professional networks and communities Furthermore, certification digital badges provide a convenient and easily shareable form of credential. They can be displayed on professional websites, social media profiles, or online portfolios, making it easier for individuals to showcase their qualifications to a wider audience. Certification badges also benefit employers and clients by providing a reliable means of evaluating a candidate’s qualifications. These badges offer a quick and visual way to assess an individual’s expertise, streamlining the hiring or selection process.

Unique Features in Digital Badges Market:

The market for digital badges displayed distinctive characteristics that were changing how abilities and accomplishments were recognised. These digital badges offered micro-credentials that could be quickly shared on many digital platforms and represented particular abilities or accomplishments visually.

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The addition of metadata increased openness by providing more details about the badge’s criteria and provenance. A few badges have interactive components that let visitors study in-depth achievement insights. Blockchain verification increased trustworthiness and stopped fraud.

The collection of badges to show a wider range of talents was made possible by stackable credentials. Additionally, they promoted lifelong learning by monitoring ongoing skill growth. From education to corporate training, digital badges have found use in a variety of fields.

Gamification components increased engagement, and their global recognition allowed people to display their accomplishments wherever in the world. They accurately reflected skills and qualifications and were in line with industry standards and personalised learning routes.

Major Highlights of the Digital Badges Market:

The market for digital badges saw notable developments that changed how talents and accomplishments are recognised and communicated. By clearly displaying specialised talents and making them simple to distribute across digital platforms, these badges provided micro-credentials.

By giving crucial information about the badge’s origin and requirements, metadata integration improved transparency. Some badges held users’ attention with interactive elements and added achievement details. While stackable certifications and lifelong learning monitoring demonstrated ongoing skill growth, blockchain verification ensured trustworthiness and avoided fraud.

Digital badges included gamification for engagement and were applicable to a variety of fields, including education and corporate training. They gave people the chance to become known internationally thanks to their global reach. These badges provided a revolutionary method of communicating qualifications and abilities to stakeholders and employers while also being in line with industry standards and personalised learning experiences.

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Top Key Companies in Digital Badges Market:

Key and innovative vendors in the Digital badges market include Pearson (UK), Instructure (US), SkillSoft Corporation (US),  PeopleCert (UK), Accredible (US), Parchment (US), EbizON (India), Accreditrust Technologies (US), Badgecraft (Lithuania), Badge List (US), Bestr (Italy), Basno (US), Saarni Learning Oy (Finland), ForAllSystems (US), LearningTimes (US), Nocti Business Solutions (US), Knowledge Catalyst, Learning Vault, Hyperstack (US), TruScholar (India), (Germany), CertifyMe (US), Convergence.Tech (Canada), Open Badge Factory (Finland), Sertifier (US), Certopus (India), and (Germany).


Pearson is British Multinational educational publishing and assessment service company. Pearson provides educational materials, technologies, assessments, and services to students, teachers, and institutions across various levels of education. Pearson mainly operates Digital Learning Solutions, Assessments Services, Corporate training, and Certification. In Digital Learning Solutions It offers digital platforms, learning management systems, and online courseware that enhance the learning experience through interactive content, assessments, and personalized learning paths. Pearson also offers educational assessment services designs and delivers standardized tests, including high-stakes exams, such as the Pearson Test of English (PTE) and the Pearson Edexcel qualifications. Pearson providers learning and development solutions for businesses and organizations. It offers training programs, certifications, and personalized learning solutions to enhance employee skills and professional development. Pearson partners with universities and colleges, offering a diverse range of services to higher education institutions. These services encompass curriculum development, courseware provision, learning analytics, and online program management. As a result, institutions are empowered to deliver high-quality education both in traditional classroom settings and through online platforms. In January 2022, Pearson announced its acquisition of Credly, a digital credentialing platform that enables organizations to issue, manage, and authenticate digital credentials. This strategic move by Pearson aimed to broaden its digital portfolio and offer learners greater flexibility and personalized learning journeys. Pearson has significant geographical presence in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America and operates in over 200 locations in these regions.


SkillSoft is a global provider of digital solutions for business. SkillSoft provides organizations with a comprehensive range of learning resources, advanced technology solutions, and professional services to support the development and improvement of their workforce’s skills. SkillSoft offers products and solutions for Leadership & Business, Technical skills, Compliance and Ethics segment. SkillSoft’s content library is extensive, featuring thousands of courses, videos, books, and other resources created by industry experts and thought leaders. These resources are designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing learners to engage with content at their own pace and using various devices including, desktop, computer, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. SkillSoft’ array of cutting-edge technology solutions aids, in supporting learning and development initiatives. These solutions encompass learning management systems (LMS), virtual classrooms, social learning platform, social learning platform, and assessment tool that empower organizations to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs. SkillSoft corporation has a global presence in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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