SEARLE Insurance Global Consensus Conference successfully concluded: Opening a new era of football economy

August 10 00:31 2023

Recently, the “SEARLE Insurance and IGI Group Cooperation signing ceremony and Global Consensus Conference” was held in Singapore, attracting the attention of the global media.  The successful holding of this cooperation signing ceremony marks the official announcement of the establishment of partnership between SEARLE Insurance Group and IGI Group, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the global insurance industry, SEARLE Insurance Group ushered in a new stage of development, and planning a new path for future development.  As one of the important witnesses of this cooperation, we will bring you an analysis of the opportunities for the future development of SEARLE Insurance Group from the perspective of a third party.

At the meeting, Mr.Eric, co-founder of SEARLE Insurance Group, reviewed the brilliant achievements of the group in the past in his speech, and SEARLE Insurance Group officially entered a new stage of development.  He said that the Group sincerely invites people from all walks of life to work together to create more industry stories and jointly promote the innovative development of the insurance sector.

Roger Lee, CEO of SEARLE Insurance Group, gave a speech detailing the group’s future plan, the Searle 2.0 ecosystem.  He pointed out that the group will focus on the three development directions of enriching the product system, improving the quality of the team and making it easier for users to generate wealth.  The Group is committed to achieving three growth goals of tripling the size of its product sales, tripling the size of its team, and tripling revenue for its users within three years.

In addition to these three development directions, SEARLE Insurance Group will also continue to actively fight against non-compliance.  Through a series of new initiatives, the Group aims to increase the global influence of word-of-mouth and brand image, and successfully build a new model of sustainable operations.  In the future, we will focus on achieving two ultimate goals: one is to make SEARLE Group’s reputation and brand image gain greater influence in the world;  The second is to successfully build a new model of sustainable operations.

At the same time, the signing ceremony of cooperation between SEARLE Insurance Group and IGI Group was also officially held at the meeting.  The representative of IGI Group, Thomas, gave a passionate speech, Thomas said that IGI Group chose to cooperate with SEARLE Insurance Group because of the strength of SEARLE Group.  He is very excited about this partnership and believes that IGI Group, as a reinsurance group, will bring multiple aspects of value to SEARLE Insurance Group.  SEARLE Insurance Group and IGI Group will jointly fund the establishment of a cooperative exclusive fund account, and implement the strategic cooperation plan through memorandums and formal agreements under the framework of international economic law, in accordance with the principles of equality and mutual benefit, legal compliance and future-oriented.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, the broadcast costs of major football leagues and competitions have been increasing, and the level of commercialization of football clubs, players and competitions is also increasing.  Emerging areas such as live football broadcasting, social media communication and e-sports have emerged rapidly, bringing more business opportunities and revenue streams to clubs, players and events.  Overall, the global football economy will continue to maintain a steady growth trend, but also faces some challenges, such as the sustainability of competition operations, the improvement of fan engagement, and the application of technological innovation.  As the football industry continues to evolve and change, we can expect to see more new business opportunities and innovative models of the football economy emerge.  The cooperation between SEARLE Insurance Group and IGI Group will also promote the development of the global football economy and pave the way for the diversified development of the industry ecology.  The Asian markets of SEARLE Insurance Group play an increasingly important role in the global football economy.  More and more European clubs and stars are turning their attention to the Asian market, and the purchasing power and engagement of Asian fans is also growing.

The signing ceremony of cooperation between SEARLE Insurance and IGI Group and the Global Consensus Conference came to an end in a successful atmosphere.  The holding of the meeting not only demonstrated the strength and credibility of SEARLE Insurance Group, but also demonstrated the strategic cooperation determination of the two enterprises.  We look forward to the future development of SEARLE Insurance Group and believe that the joint efforts of both parties will bring more innovation and progress to the global insurance industry.  Pay attention to the future development of SEARLE Insurance Group and witness its brilliant tomorrow together!

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