OsteoStrong CEO Meets with Representatives from 12 Different Nations as Part of Global Expansion

August 05 05:06 2023
The fast-growing skeletal health franchise is creating an immense global impact.

Nashville, TN, USA – August 4, 2023 – OsteoStrong. Expanding upon recent achievements with successful establishments of new centers in Portugal and Australia, OsteoStrong is now set to embark on an extensive expansion drive, establishing numerous new facilities across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia within the next three years. To that end, the visionary CEO and Founder of OsteoStrong, Kyle Zagrodzky met with potential developers from 12 different nations in a large meeting on August 3rd to cast the vision and invite the experienced group of entrepreneurs to engage in the process of building on the well-established momentum around the world. This strategic expansion leverages the already strong foundation generated by the existing global presence in countries like Australia, Greece, Sweden, India, and others. Notably, the United States is displaying exceptional growth, witnessing the inauguration of over 12 new OsteoStrong centers this year alone, with several more in the pipeline for the upcoming months.

Zagrodzky expressed, “The impressive momentum and sustained growth of our centers have undeniably shifted the global perspective on the fundamental role of skeletal health in overall well-being. The horizon looks incredibly promising for OsteoStrong, especially in an era where various wellness and fitness concepts have encountered formidable challenges.”

OsteoStrong’s global expansion initiative comes at a pivotal juncture. According to a comprehensive meta-analysis conducted in 2020 and several published research studies, the economic burden posed by osteoporosis and bone health issues is substantial on a global scale. Collectively, the United States, Canada, and Europe allocate a staggering 5 to 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars annually toward expenses linked to osteoporotic fractures. Leveraging its patented technologies, such as scientifically validated osteogenic stimulation, OsteoStrong offers a valuable remedy for nations grappling with these pressing concerns.

Concurrently with the franchise expansion, OsteoStrong is directing investments into innovations aimed at enhancing sales, marketing, and customer service. This includes the introduction of new tools for franchisees, a streamlined customer relationship management (CRM) process, and an advanced training system for employees. These internal advancements harmonize seamlessly with captivating product innovations within the facilities, including an interactive customer-facing kiosk and an innovative new red light therapy system.

Jimmy Youngblood, the President of OsteoStrong, noted, “The rapid pace of growth and the spirit of innovation underscore the remarkable resilience of the OsteoStrong brand and its stakeholders. As we collaborate with researchers on groundbreaking studies related to our system, the additional scientific insights will further redefine the realms of bone health and longevity sciences.”

(1) Economic burden of osteoporosis in the world, Asma Rashki Kemmak, 2020.

About OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong leverages clinically researched and patented osteogenic stimulation technology to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels enhance bone health, balance, overall strength, and posture. Sessions also alleviate back and joint pain in most cases. Based on cellular biology, anti-aging, longevity, and bone mass production research, OsteoStrong’s proprietary system triggers the growth of new bone and muscle density through just 10-minute sessions once per week. OsteoStrong is remarkably effective, easy-to-do, and leaves participants feeling invigorated without the fatigue or soreness associated with high-impact activities.

More than 10 million sessions have been completed, and tens of thousands of people have seen amazing results since the brand launched in 2012. Many who attend sessions just once per week are reversing osteoporosis, improving balance, eliminating chronic joint and back pain, reversing fibromyalgia, and gaining incredible physical strength.

For more information, visit http://www.osteostrong.me or www.facebook.com/osteostrong.


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