Sky World Community Addresses the Urgent Need to Solve Transport Issues Amid New Research Findings

August 02 01:21 2023

As the number of vehicles on roads continues to grow, and traditional ground public transportation systems are reaching their limits, transportation issues have become a major concern. Sky World Community underlines the importance of developing and adopting innovative solutions, such as the uST technology, to tackle these challenges effectively.

Recent research conducted by us reveals that on average, people around the globe are spending about an hour each day stuck in traffic. This results in substantial losses to the global economy, with estimates reaching over $9.6 billion per hour.

The issue is especially significant in densely populated countries with complex transportation networks, such as the Dominican Republic. In this country, annual economic losses due to traffic congestion alone amount to approximately $4.73 billion. This translates to an average loss of about $438 per person annually due to road congestion.

These conclusions are consistent with findings from other studies in this area. The report “Traffic Congestion and Reliability: Trends and Advanced Strategies for Congestion Mitigation” published by the Federal Highway Administration echoes the adverse economic impacts of transportation problems and underscores the drawbacks of our current public transportation systems.

Sky World Community, supporting the uST technology, is spearheading the development of innovative transportation systems designed to address these issues. We are dedicated to creating and implementing sustainable solutions that will not only decrease time spent in traffic but also enhance the efficiency of public transportation and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

About Sky World Community:

Sky World Community is an Humanity Venture Ecosystem that specializes in investments in green and sustainable technologies, including innovative public transport systems that incorporate uST technology.

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