New astrology portal Vyomology rapidly growing with more than 100 verified astrologers and thousands of customers

September 04 01:59 2021

In this COVID age where it’s not safe to roam outside, various online services have seen a massive growth all across the world. Same applies to India, where people want to get everything at their doorsteps, whether it’s food, vegetables or groceries, even different types of consultancies too. So keeping that in mind Vyomology was born, which today has become a front line choice in a very short span of time providing quality astrology services that can be availed on mobile phone from the comfort of home.

When asked how Vyomology solves this problem, “Vyomology is a medium between users and all reputed astrologers who are registered with us after going through a long process of interviews. By installing our mobile APP user can browse through various astrologers according to their expertise and languages and instantly connect with them either by chat or call” said CEO of Vyomology Mr. Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo. He also added “We have a very user friendly design where users can easily navigate through our APP. Filter options are there to search best astrologers according to user requirements. Our chat feature is so user friendly that it can be compared with WhatsApp Chat. Also we arrange live video streaming where astrologers come live and give solutions to users at free of cost where users can discuss their birth chart and problems with astrologers.”

When asked how much users have to pay to avail this service, The Operational manager Santosh Shastri told “First of all right now we are not looking to earn profit but our aim is to provide good service to our customers. That’s why we give 20 pages free personalized kundli to each registered user at free of cost that you will never find in any other portal. Also daily our astrologers come live where they listen carefully to user’s queries and give solutions at total free of cost. But for private sessions we charge from 15 rupees per minute to 500 depending on astrologer’s price and experience. That is also because we need to pay salaries to our astrologers and to maintain our product quality with high end servers and other costs involved in running the company.”

While exploring their website and APP, one will find the design to be very neat and clean. Users won’t be confused while navigating their features. Also visitors will notice that there are some cool features like “Try your luck”, where users get a chance to rotate a wheel and according to luck they get some percentages of discount as well. Also, there’s one offer that’s running on their APP, where user can get up to 130% discount by recharging specific amount. There are no astrology portals that are giving such offer anywhere over the internet. Also, users will come across many customers’ video reviews on their APP who shared their experience with Vyomology. Bollywood actress Aarti Chabria’s video was also there who was praising Vyomology’s service. Aarti Chabria is a known tollywood and bollywood actress who shared screen with popular stars like Akshaya Kumar in Awara paagal dewana movie. While going through the list of astrologers, users will be astonished to find some reputed astrologers whose videos can be found in many popular astrology youtube channels. Few astrologers also appear on television. Hence, it becomes quite obvious that not only quantity astrologers, but some celebrity astrologers too are working with Vyomology, which is dream come true for many users who always see them on television, but never got a chance to interact with them personally.

When asked how did Vyomology managed to bring so many celebrity astrologers to their portal, Mr. Sahoo said “This was not done overnight. Before releasing our product we have worked for many months to reach the best astrologers in industry and requested them to be part of our team. It was never an easy job, but we tried our level best and motivated them by showing our user friendly product”. Also, when asked what kind of astrologers they have in Vyomology, Mr. Sahoo immediately replied “We have a vast category of astrologers whose expertise are in the following domain. Vedic, Nadi, Numerology, Vasthu, Gemmology, Prashna Astrology, KP Astrology, Lal Kitab, Western Astrology, Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Corporate Astrology and many more. Also we added astrologers from various regions from India who speak languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Bengali, French, Sanskrit, German and many more so that all regional customers can take advantages of our service”

Being in the modern age do people still believe in astrology? It is a big question for most of the people. But Mr. Sahoo has a readymade answer to that. He said “The age is gone when people used to take astrology is a myth. Even science is now believing in astrology after discovering new planets daily. Whatever new facts they are discovering nowadays, those are already discovered by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Now modern science also starts to believe in astrology in an indirect way as they confirm all planets and stars have their own magnetic and radiation effects which always put some effects on our earth and all living organisms in this world. The time is not so far when astrology study will be treated as a science subject just like astronomy. We at Vyomology aim to give solutions in a scientific way. Our astrologers are well qualified and many of them from science backgrounds. They predict our birth chart with some different vision which is a mixture of our vedic astrology and modern science. Regarding your question, Do people believe in astrology, I can say a big yes. Still we are building our house according to Vastu. Still we ask Jyotish to name our newly born kids. Still we match our kundli before proceeding for marriage. Even somewhere I read that India’s big government organization ISRO also consulted an astrologer for the launch date of its satellite. Before launching one of the satellite the Chief of ISRO visited some temples along with his fellow team members. So I see astrology as a science so I try to increase its reach all over the world whose origin is India.”

Also Mr. Sahoo pointed out that there are more features and offers are there for mobile APP users rather than website visitors. So he recommends installing their APP to avail their services.

Well, whatever astrology is, A Science or a myth, but there is no doubt that billions of people believe in astrology all over the world. So those who happen to be one of them, they can visit their website or download their APP at

The best wishes are with this new start up. All the best Vyomology.

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