Here the world meets and the EIC super complex opens to the world

August 31 00:30 2021
The world pattern is changing. In this century-old change, China and the new round of industrial revolution will play an important role.
In the process of gradually moving towards the center of the world stage, how does China’s urban development show the pattern and boldness of vision of the new era?

The world focuses on Qiantang River

EIC super complex opens to the world

On August 27th, the eyes of the world focused on Qiantang River.

On this day, the green public welfare plan of “Protecting Qiantang River Basin” was officially launched. Its successful signing with IFC of the World Bank indicates that the Yingou science and technology innovation base will soon land. A brand-new “Qiantang River Era” kicked off.

Gateway Capital, Tiger Securities, Matrix Partners China, China-UK Business Council, Nature Conservancy, Forbes China, Beijing Green Finance and Sustainable Development Network Research Institute, Hang Seng Bank (China) Co., Ltd., China Merchants Bank, Daikin, IBM, Abbott Laboratories, Regus, Representatives from Mingyuanyun, Foster+Partners and HBA attended the event. Dr. Ma Jun, former member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China, President of CUFE, International Institute of Green Finance, and Mr. Matthew Gamser, Chief Operating Officer of the Financial Institutions Bureau of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group and CEO of the SME Finance Forum delivered an online speech. The world meets here to witness the rise of EIC.

The launching of EIC’s “Protection of Qiantang River Basin” public welfare plan will play a role in promoting the high-quality development of Qiantang River and Qiandao Lake Basin. The program was initiated by EIC. It is scientifically guided by Nature Conservancy and Qiandao Lake Water Fund, and will be jointly participated by Jiangong Real Estate Group and many cooperative enterprises. It will attract financial and technological enterprise executives, Internet engineers and elite returnees from famous universities around the world as the first batch of volunteers, and devote itself to appealing for, saving and treating water resources in Qiantang River Basin, and join the ranks of ecological protection together.


The choice of the times

EIC super complex – Jiangong the 3rd City

Jiangong has a philosophy all the time: build the best city in the world, attract the top talents in the world, rent it to the most famous enterprises in the world, and sell it to the most influential funds and technology companies in the world.

In the West Lake era, EAC made Huanglong Business Circle. This business district has reached to the top of Hangzhou Business Circle in one fell swoop, becoming the first stop of Hangzhou, the world’s top 500.

In the Internet age, EFC took the lead in occupying the highland of “Silicon Valley New City”, positioning new finance and welcoming returnees, and built a new landmark on the side of Ali.

Jiangong always keeps company with Unicorn and Fortune 500 companies, leading the global future value trend, and at the same time empowering enterprises and urban economic development.

EIC creates the “New Cover” of Hangzhou city. With the brand-new super complex consist of “high-tech + big data + global high-level talents”, it integrates core industries such as new finance, digital economy and technological innovation, attracts top headquarters companies and top world talents, and builds an engine that can lead the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and empower the development of the world economy.

As Mr. Zhou Songyi, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, said at the event: “EIC’s goal of introducing the world’s most famous enterprises and attracting the world’s most elite talents is highly consistent with the goals of “base + fund + talents”, embrace overseas Chinese, gathering them and supporting overseas Chinese enterprises advocated by the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.”

Matthew Gamser, Chief Operating Officer of the Financial Institutions Bureau of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group and CEO of the SME Finance Forum, also said at the event: “I believe that EIC (Hangzhou) will soon become a force to actively promote the green development of China’s digital economy and set an example for entrepreneurs and SME innovators around the world. We hope that it will become a permanent landmark for the green and sustainable development of SMEs!”

EIC continues to uphold the original intention of “keeping pace with the times” and “leading for 20 years”, anchoring Hangzhou, one of the core cities in Yangtze River Delta and the core city of Qiantang River in Greater Bay Area, and taking the rising Qianjiang Century City as a stage. In the next 8 years, EIC will devote itself to introducing 10 Chinese listed enterprises, 20 oversea listed companies, 30 new financial companies, 40 Internet leading enterprises and 5,000+ high-level talents as its vision, and truly realize the super micro-city that can attract the world’s top enterprises and talents.

Just as EFC has attracted a number of well-known enterprises such as Alibaba Cloud, ByteDance, Kuaishou Network, KE, Gateway Capital, Iflytek, Huawei, etc., the future EIC will also be an innovative place for the global headquarters where leading enterprises gather, and a vibrant city in bay area where high-tech talents, scientists, financial elites and returnees gather.

International first-class standard

EIC: the connection among people, people and buildings, people and cities

Every time from EAC to EFC, Jiangong invites a super-level international partner. EIC is built by benchmarking the world’s top buildings such as Canary Wharf in London, Rockefeller Center, New York World Trade Center, etc., constantly breaking through the standards of top office buildings in Hangzhou, and at the same time creating a fertile ground for the world to connect with China.

Through previous experience, EIC will surpass again, and international first-class teams such as F+P, AECOME, HBA and BPI will present international first-class works to China.

Foster + Partners, the world’s top high-tech architectural design firm, took over the overall design of EIC projects.

From the British Museum to Apple’s new headquarters, the famous design firm dabbled in works beyond imagination, and even the Apple flagship store which was once the largest in Asia by the West Lake was also Foster’s work.

F+P will complete a new evolution of the complex and create a breakthrough project. It will blur the boundaries between life, work and entertainment, and pay attention to the connection among people, people and buildings, people and cities. This super financial technology city along Qiantang River has skyscraper cluster, Internet headquarters IT & Mall and international fashion commercial district. It is against Hudson Square in New York, Comcast in Philadelphia, 53WEST53 in New York and GRAND FRONT in Osaka, Japan. After its completion, it will undoubtedly become a new landscape of Hangzhou skyline.

If people are shocked by EFC’s super drop-off area and big canopy, then EIC’s only “Monroe skirt” streamline integrated cantilever technology with big canopy will continue to challenge their imagination in the future. Just under this canopy, 18 cars can be parked, which is comparable to a small parking lot. Hall-level welcome and drop-off area allows vehicles to drive directly into the building, which is full of futuristic feeling.

In addition, EIC also has the only theater-style OFFICE lobby with a height of 3,000 square meters in the world, which is super-high, super-large and imposing. Social Hub’s borderless super lobby redefines the lobby space again. All lobbies, terraces, exhibition spaces and commercial areas are connected with each other, providing extraordinary opportunities. Art exhibitions, roadshows and new product launches are full of elite social scenes of interactive communication.

These spaces will create a world-wide, high-tech and active social field. These spaces once again knock on the door of the times, and outline a super financial technology city that belongs to the future.

Compound living and working mode

EIC: Harmony among People, People and Architecture, Architecture and City 

Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing and other large enterprises in Yatu are developing smoothly. The “values”, “mission” and “vision” of these companies have been considering long-term development since the birth of enterprises.

When Seattle gave birth to a number of industry giants, it also attracted new technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and eBay to set up branches here, and even domestic technology giants such as Huawei, Tencent and Baidu followed. The presence of many well-known leading enterprises has activated the artery of Seattle’s urban development, stimulated great value potential, and at the same time updated the city’s appearance, making more elite talents gather.

It is undeniable that the integration of industry and city has become a major trend in the development of micro-cities in the world today.

As a benchmark financial technology city in Seattle, EIC creates a mixed working and living field. It makes people and people, people and architecture, architecture and city develop harmoniously.

Macroscopically, EIC will strive to build LEED Community+ WELL community, with over 14,000 square meters of landscape green space and evergreen green belt, which can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also protect the biodiversity of a micro-city, improve people’s quality of life, and build a green community where human being and nature coexist harmoniously.

Microscopically, EIC can also accept the new compound living and working mode of global talent customization, entrusting international first-class design team and being comparable to villa space.

An 11-meter-long fully transparent large horizontal hall with a 270-degree landscape view is equipped with a fully open glass curtain wall system and IMAX-sized windows, each of which faces the world scenery directly.

At the same time, it has the most stringent security system in the world, providing military-level security and providing 24-hour security services. Face recognition enters the household. Each compound living space has its own elevator hall, which is comparable to the privacy and convenience of world-class top luxury.

It also has the world’s top-level international service center, and the 3000-square-square-meter pan-club customizes platinum service quality for the world’s top 500 executives and international elites, making it a “world center” and an entertainment place.

Like the upgraded Seattle, EIC includes life, work and entertainment into a micro city with a volume of nearly 500,000 square meters, which is permanent 24 hours a day, creating a future lifestyle for the elite with harmonious development between people and nature.

This is a subversive innovation to the urban development model, which redefines the working and living model of the urban super complex. As Ms. Li Li, CEO of Jiangong Real Estate Group, said, “We insist on sustainable development and global co-operation. EIC Super Complex is an international new micro-city with the mission of attracting global super companies and super talents.”

EIC has started a new era of harmony among people, buildings and cities. EIC makes the world focus on Hangzhou and China!

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