How Dr. Taj Haynes Launched the Next Best Dental Coaching Service the Industry Has Seen

January 22 18:02 2021
How Dr. Taj Haynes Launched the Next Best Dental Coaching Service the Industry Has Seen

Dr. Taj Haynes’ multifaceted career has taken several twists and turns to launch him into the success he has accomplished today. “I received a mechanical engineering degree and worked as a business process consultant at one of the top consulting firms in the world,” he explains. “My clients included Fortune 500 and Dot Com Start Up companies. I used my problem-solving skills working for these companies in California and New York City.”

Today, as a dentist based in the southern United States, Dr. Taj is passionate about helping others. While the transition from engineering to dentistry may appear disjointed, he says the skills have transferred flawlessly. “I’m not only using my technical skills, but also my engineering,” Dr. Taj notes.

He continues, “I am the owner of four businesses. My new venture is dental business coaching where we will provide not only online instruction but also virtual coaching to help dental owners and aspiring dental owners with overcoming their challenges and achieving their vision and goals.”

According to Dr. Taj, delivering dental services can be very difficult without the help of a coach or mentor to guide you through it. If you’ve never encountered certain challenges before, you may need the help of someone who has gone before you in the industry. He explains, “My personal dentist actually inspired me to look into becoming a dentist with the way he cared and took care of my issues. Along this journey, I have encountered many people who have helped mentor and coach me. Now I want to pay for it by helping those who aspire to do big things by sharing what I have learned along the way by coaching and mentoring them.”

Looking to the future, Dr. Taj notes that he may once again be inspired to try something new. Nonetheless, he envisions his online coaching platform to be a leader in the dental professional space. He says, ”My goal is to expand this online coaching platform to become bigger and better, touching more and lives, and helping more dental professionals. I can totally see this platform becoming a leading learning platform for dentists and professionals who want to teach others as well.”

However, Dr. Taj is not solely committed to bettering his business. As indicated throughout his career, Dr. Taj is determined to better himself in the process. He explains, “I don’t conform to what is perceived to be right or wrong, I just treat people with kindness, love, and dignity. I do what is truly best for them. I live by my core values: solving problems, not making excuses, and ultimately, this shows through where people can trust you. In other words, I’m just real.”

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