Use of COOLPO AI HUDDLE PANA in Different Industries

January 12 21:24 2021

Virtual meetings have become necessary and universal, as remote working becomes more and more common. The following article will discuss some of the breakthroughs in leveraging virtual meetings into Medical industry, Education, Consultancy and Ports & Areal sector with the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana solution.

1. Medical Industry

In the past few years, the medical industry has evolved a lot, and the demand for healthcare professionals is at its peak.

In the medical field, patients need to communicate with their doctors to get diagnoses and treated properly. In this case, PANA can make communications easy by sitting at home. It also saves the traveling cost for both doctors and patients.

PANA can also help the hospitals to improve their patient care. Medical professionals can immediately access things like patient reports, images, test results, patients, and other professionals.

So overall, PANA can bring a lot of innovation to the medical industry, and it can reduce the workload of medical professionals to a huge extent.

2. University and K-12

Currently, the world is suffering from a pandemic, now the trend of online classes and online teaching is emerging all over the world, and PANA is the most suitable choice for this purpose.

Nowadays, multiple teachers can connect with each other simultaneously, and they can create an interactive virtual classroom by using the 360-degree video conferencing technology of PANA.

Sometimes a panel needs to interview a student online. In that case, PANA is very useful because it has a smart camera that can rotate 360 degrees. It also has a microphone that detects who is speaking and automatically focuses the video on that person.

Students are also using this technology to collaborate with each other. PANA provides them with all the functionalities to make their presentations better.

3. Consultancy

The field of consultancy completely relies on better communication. Many professional consultants are using PANA regularly for audio-video transmission, and they can deliver satisfying results to their clients. Sometimes, multiple people need to present in the same scenario to guide a person, PANA provides the most efficient and interactive session using its AI-based audio and video transmission technology.

4. Ports and Areal Industry Operations

Smart cameras are being implemented everywhere on the terminals to monitor things. Not only can one use PANA to monitor the terminal operations but also use it to improve the communication between staff.

Another advantage that PANA is providing is that now there is no need to implement multiple cameras in a single place to view different angles. Even if implementing multiple cameras at a single place to cover different angles, there will be a blind spot. But PANA uses 360 degrees AI technology, so all one needs to do is to place it in the center, and it will capture all views of surroundings.

PANA is being used to improve the communications and efficiency of work in the port and areal industries. It is also being used for security purposes as it does not have a blind spot, and its 360-degree camera technology can do all wonders.

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