How to Tackle Inflation with Intelligence without Disturbing Household Budget?

August 25 14:56 2015

inflationNew Delhi, Tuesday, August 25 – Updates over stock market, rupee and onions are keeping people busy these days. It is not easy to lead a problem-free life when one wants to do that as a lot of things and facilities we use on a daily basis come post spending a lion’s share of money.

The Indian unit follows up and down trend and same is the story with Sensex. If an honest point is to be mentioned then homemakers are only interested about the rates of onion since it being a core kitchen staple in various households.

People have stopped eating it as salad thanks to soaring rates. But intelligence could help them save money. Instead of using pricey stuffs, it would be better to opt for veggies and grains that are nutritious. Since onion prices soar usually during peak monsoon, consumers can buy a few kilograms extra before the new rate is implemented. Onion powder can also be used in case buying the edible bulbs doesn’t seem feasible.