EPWK has Accompanied its Customers’ Growth with a Heart for Service and a Focus on Quality

September 15 18:08 2023


A Heart for Service and a Focus on Quality

Focusing on users’ needs, the EPWK team strives to serve with heart and soul, adhering to the concept of professionalism, efficiency and quality first, and realising the value of companies and employees by realising the value of users.

EPWK carefully builds and operates epwk.com, which is an intelligent digital platform. The platform takes creative services as its main content, and through the perfection of personalised and precise recommendations, trading rules and online auxiliary work, etc., it facilitates buyers (employers) and sellers (service providers) to conduct creative transactions conveniently and efficiently.

customer fufillment team

For organisations and employers with creative needs such as design, development, copywriting, marketing, etc., EPWK’s VIP Task Consultant Team and Customer Service Team will play to their professional strengths and help them quickly find suitable service providers and obtain creative solutions. For example, EPWK’s customer service team will introduce employers to EPWK’s transaction mode, protection mechanism, etc., check the tasks released by employers, and answer all kinds of problems that employers encounter; EPWK’s VIP task consultant team will provide employers with task demand combing, assist in releasing the task, and recommend the matching of high-quality service providers and other services.

Service providers mainly hope to expand their business through EPWK, accept more job orders, earn real money and realise online entrepreneurship to generate income and wealth. According to the actual situation of service providers, EPWK’s VIP consultant team will provide services such as market positioning, online entrepreneurship path planning, business channel analysis, digital transformation guidelines, etc., to help service providers clarify the direction of development and eliminate the development of confusion.

VIP consultant team

Service providers in the opening of EPWK platform VIP services, EPWK VIP service secretary team will provide quality customer service. They are “Bridesmaids”, “Nannies”, “Partners” and “Friends”. They never skimp on their services, including advice on store decoration, training on online ordering, referrals for employer tasks, communication with employers, brand marketing support, etc. Their aim is to help member service providers develop online.

VIP consultant team

Through the division of labour between the Customer Satisfaction Team and the Team of VIP Service Consultants, such as the VIP Task Consultant, Customer Service, Gold Medal Service Secretary, etc. of EPWK, coupled with the perfect business rules of the platform, to help users grow and succeed, that is, on the one hand, to help service providers achieve online entrepreneurship to generate income and wealth, and on the other hand, to help companies, institutions and other types of employers achieve digital transformation, branding and upgrading, and to share human resources so as to reflect the value of the platform (company) and the service team.

Innovation-driven, Mutually Beneficial

“To create a mutually beneficial, win-win, healthy development of the enterprise service ecosystem, and to become a respected, sustainable platform Internet company that creates value for the community and users, EPWK has been working hard.” Driving development with innovation, EPWK is committed to providing high-quality, intelligent enterprise services to thousands of business users.

Through the exploration and practice of business models and the application of artificial intelligence, intelligent algorithms, big data and other digital technologies, EPWK has launched innovative products that integrate culture and technology, such as epwk.com and We-AI’d by EPWK, and continues to expand the scope of enterprise services, being able to provide intellectual property rights, fiscal and tax agents, business incubation, certification and accreditation services.

The delivery of innovative products and services cannot be separated from the hard work of the EPWK R&D team behind the scenes. As one of the back-end support departments, they focus on the planning and design of enterprise service products, as well as technology iteration and innovation, constantly upgrading and optimising existing products and services, and constantly developing new products in combination with market development and new technologies to provide users with a better experience.

Data shows that EPWK has achieved 135 scientific and technological achievements, 100 software copyrights, applied for 17 invention patents, and obtained 9 patent approvals (including 7 invention patents and 2 appearance patents). In the future, EPWK’s R&D team will continue to research and develop intelligent tools and improve the platform to provide a solid product and technology guarantee to better serve users. Of course, there are also back-end support departments such as planning, network operation, finance, human resources and general department to provide diversified back-end service support.

Meanwhile, in order to better serve enterprise users, EPWK has established a professional enterprise service team, integrating excellent business incubation practitioners and professional talents such as tax agents, intellectual property agents, policy consulting and certification auditing, etc., and adopting the service mode of “one-to-one consultancy” to provide “one-stop full life cycle” support services for enterprises, such as trademarks, copyrights and patents, fiscal and tax agents, certification and accreditation, and the provision of offline business incubation space. We use a “one-to-one consultancy” service model to provide “one-stop full life cycle” services such as trademarks, copyrights and patents, fiscal and tax agents, certification and accreditation, and offline business incubation space.

Today, EPWK’s entrepreneurial team has gathered a group of strong and excellent partners. We are closely united, thinking together, working together, through the division of labour, and working together to serve the users. We firmly believe that only by creating value for users can we realise the value of ourselves and the company, and achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation for users, ourselves and the company.

Management team

With the mission of “Technology empowers enterprise services and promotes the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises” and the business philosophy of “Creating value for users”, the EPWK entrepreneurial team will in the future, based on the trustworthy and intelligent platform, give full play to the advantages of its products and services to build a global ecological chain for the creative service industry, In the future, based on the trustworthy and intelligent platform, EPWK’s entrepreneurial team will give full play to the advantages of products and services to build a global ecological chain for the creative service industry, and become a linker, integrator and value creator of industrial resources.

PS: Founded in March 2011, EPWK is the operating body of “EPWK.com” (epwk.com), a national high-tech enterprise, a national cultural and science and technology integration demonstration base, an e-commerce demonstration enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, a national science and technology support programme project undertaking unit, and a National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) “China’s Sharing Economy Development Report” (2019), which is a typical example of how the sharing economy is developing in China. Economy Development Report (2019), the typical case, and the member unit of the first national sharing economy standardisation technical committee.

On 1 August 2023 US time, EPWK HOLDINGS LTD., the ultimate holding company of EPWK, updated its prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the ticker symbol EPWK, and intends to list in the U.S. on the NASDAQ Global Main Board IPO.

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