FameEX Revolutionizes its Third-Generation Matching Trading System with Up to 1 Million TPS

August 24 22:53 2023

FameEX, a global and secure derivatives trading platform, has ushered in an era of trading innovation with its late July update to the perpetual contract products and “turbo” matching engine. The newly updated futures system has optimized various functions, added USDC perpetual contract trading areas, and introduced features like one-way and two-way positions along with mixed margin mode. Enhancements also include optimized stop profit and stop loss order functions, setting the stage for a more robust and agile trading exxperience.

The platform’s third-generation “turbo” matching trading system, distinguished for its exceptional performance and stability, can achieve 1,000,000 TPS matching transactions. While traditional database matching struggles with slow speed and system crashes, FameEX’s system is designed to handle the fast extremes of the cryptocurrency market.

New FameEX Matching Technology Surpasses Competition

FameEX stands out with its advanced memory matching engine, a method shared internally only in the industry’s top exchanges. Unlike conventional database storage, FameEX’s memory matching engine stores all transaction data in the engine’s memory, significantly increasing matching speed. The third-generation “turbo” memory matching system can carry up to one million orders per second, reflecting FameEX’s mission to reduce users’ transaction risks and create a fair and free trading environment. To manage vast real-time user order demands, FameEX has incorporated an advanced “Distributed Order Processing System”. Moreover, the system includes four concurrent order-matching servers. In any event of system stress, backup servers are geared up to activate automatically, confirming that the exchange functions ceaselessly around the clock.

To support this advanced system, FameEX has built more than 10 data servers in different five countries, adopted cutting-edge distributed order processing technology, and constructed four high-performance matching engines to operate in parallel. It aims to cater to the extensive data demands of the order-matching system. These technological advancements promise 24-hour uninterrupted transactions and stable platform operations. Unlike other platforms, FameEX’s third-generation “turbo” memory matching trading system has proven more performance advantages in order to offer users a more stable, faster, and smooth trading experience after the recent maintenance and upgrade.

With these groundbreaking innovations, FameEX cements its position as a gamechanger in the trading industry and is committed to excellence in service and technological prowess. Ensuring unparalleled security, FameEX has pioneered a bank-level capital security apparatus. With distinguished features like a four-tiered protection framework and encrypted private key servers managed in a structured multinational hierarchy, the company has set a new benchmark in digital asset protection.  The upgraded system is a testament to the platform’s ongoing dedication to meet user needs, improve efficiency, and reduce transaction risks.

About FameEX

Launched in 2020. FameEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange that currently provides fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto, grid trading, futures, options, margin, spot and a hugely popular referral and affiliate program. With more than 1,050,000 registered users across 50 countries and regions. FameEX provides a secure, stable and efficient 24/7 trading platform. In addition, FameEX keeps pushing the boundaries of the crypto exchange industry, exploring frontier growth opportunities and strengthening core competencies, expanding into adjacent product offerings and developing innovative business models that lead the way in bringing Web3 solutions into the crypto ecosystem including recruiting more Web3 developers and researchers to enrich the Web3 product that will support those visionary traders.

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