Innovative Battery Swapping Solution by TYCORUN Set to Revolutionize Two-Wheeler Industry

August 22 17:44 2023

Indonesia – TYCORUN, a pioneering manufacturer at the forefront of battery swapping technology, has announced its game-changing battery swapping solution for electric motorcycles. With its battery swap business model gradually mature and perfect and have actual profitability, TYCORUN has solidified its position as a global leader in the battery swapping industry.

TYCORUN, known for its integration ability of the whole battery swapping industry chain, has developed a comprehensive suite of software and hardware products designed to revolutionize the battery swapping landscape. The core team of TYCORUN swap, comprised of industry veterans, has meticulously crafted an ecosystem that spans from cutting-edge battery swap technology to a seamless user experience.

The global electric two-wheeler market, particularly in regions like Asia(ASEAN) and Africa, has seen exponential growth. Electric two-wheelers have emerged as vital modes of transportation, presenting a vast market potential. As the world witnesses the shift from traditional fuel sources to electric power, along with the surge in instant delivery services and supportive government policies, the two-wheeler battery swapping sector is projected to reach a staggering market worth of 100 billion dollars.

TYCORUN embarked on the development of groundbreaking battery swapping products in 2017. Over years of practical industry experience, TYCORUN has established a robust presence in the global battery swap market, setting the industry standard by introducing the TYCORUN battery swap solution. This trailblazing battery swap solution has garnered global agent recognition and offers a proven, highly profitable TYCORUN battery swap business model.

At the heart of TYCORUNswap’s offering is their advanced complete battery swapping station solution for electric motorcycles or electric two/three-wheelers. These stations are poised to reshape the landscape of electric mobility, offering a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional charging methods. By providing an ultimate end-to-end one-stop solution, including specially designed motorcycle batteries, intelligent battery swap cabinet, matched motorcycle, TYCORUN battery swap software(management platform + user side APP), business mathematical models, customizable ODM/OEM services, TYCORUN is empowering agents to thrive in the evolving electric motorcycle ecosystem.

With an unparalleled years experience in battery swapping technology, TYCORUN has emerged as the sole global platform supplier with a complete industrial chain level in the two-wheeler battery swapping sector. As a swap solution provider, but also as a specialist power battery manufacturer for 17 years, TYCORUN’s extensive experience, positions it as the ultimate partner for businesses seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning two-wheeler battery exchange market.

TYCORUN’s revolutionary battery swap solution is not merely a technological advancement and industry-wide resource integration; This reflects the their leading strategic influence and market capture ability in the high value battery swap industry. As electric motorcycles continue to gain traction, the innovative TYCORUNbattery swapping stations stand ready to play a pivotal role in driving sustainable and convenient transportation solutions across the globe.

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