Top Graduate in Profile at the Best School in Tianjin – Embracing the Growth Mindset at Wellington College Tianjin

August 10 21:29 2023

In this series, Wellington College Tianjin looks back upon the 2023 offers. Graduating students will share their university journey with the readers, detailing how they started their journey and what helped them to stay motivated during the years leading up to their offers. Moreover, they will also provide valuable advice and insights for those who are just beginning their journey toward higher education.

Angelina is not your typical Senior School pupil. Graduating this year from Wellington College Tianjin, which is known as the Best School in Tianjin, and moving on to university is an exciting time for her. Having been at the school for several years, and over those years being the volleyball captain and the Head of College (amongst many other commitments) is no mean feat.

Top Graduate in Profile at the Best School in Tianjin | Embracing the Growth Mindset at Wellington College Tianjin

As she marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, the school sat down with Angelina to find out more about her time with them and her reflection and thoughts on her next big adventure – university. This transition can be challenging, explains Angelina, but she is ready for it, equipped with the right mindset and determination. It can also be a time of growth and development, she explains.

An unforgettable English lesson at Wellington College Tianjin

Having a growth mindset is something she has adhered to in the last few years. Although she is open, happy, and reflective she has also learned that a growth mindset is a key part of her educational strategy.

Introduced to her in a year 11 English lesson, she realized that having a positive mindset helps to find solutions and she actively seeks different solutions whenever she encounters an obstacle. It was a valuable lesson for Angelina.

The Growth Mindset

Coined by psychologist Carol Dweck, the growth mindset is the belief that one’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work and dedication. This mindset can be especially helpful during the transition to university because it encourages pupils at this Tianjin international school to embrace challenges and view setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth, explained Angelina.

Talking with Angelina further she tells us that at Johns Hopkins University, a top-ranked research institution in Baltimore, Maryland, the growth mindset is a core value.

The university is committed to providing students with the tools and resources they need to succeed both academically and personally. This includes a range of support services, such as academic advising, tutoring, and counseling. It also happens to be where Angelina will spend the next 4 years of her university education.

Reading Economics at the university is a wonderful opportunity, explains Angelina, as her father also has a degree in Economics and from an early age, they would discuss the principles of economics and business, and this is where her passion stems from.

Benefits from the A Level system and Boarding Experience at Wellington College Tianjin

Moving from IB system to A Level system was a challenge at first, but Angelina explained that it was a positive move and she leaned heavily on her experience of being in the volleyball team which had taught her early on that bravery and resilience were not just used in team sports but would be useful throughout your life.

Angelina also moved into the boarding program which helped her prepare for when she would move to the USA by herself and live a campus lifestyle, something that pupils find the most difficult.

For students who choose to live on campus, boarding can be an important part of the university experience, explains Angelina.

At the best international school in Tianjin, she wanted to be prepared ahead of time and learn to be independent and resourceful before moving abroad. The boarding program certainly helped with that right from the very beginning, giving her an edge over others. It can also be an opportunity to develop important life skills, such as time management, communication, and teamwork, explained Angelina.

University Guidance Team to help reach your dream at Wellington College Tianjin

Angelina goes on to say that the transition from Senior School to university is one full of pitfalls so working with the university guidance counselors is key in making the right university choices but also when taking key steps to ensure a successful transition.

First, it is important to develop a dedicated support system. This can include family, friends, and mentors who can offer guidance and encouragement.

Second, students should focus on developing good study habits and time management skills. Preparing for University can be challenging, and it is important to stay organized and manage time effectively to stay on top of assignments and deadlines.

Finally, she recommends embracing the growth mindset and view challenges as opportunities for learning and development. University preparation is a time of exploration and discovery, and it is important to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow.

In conclusion, graduating from Senior School and moving on to university is a major milestone in the lives of many students, explains Angelina. By embracing the growth mindset, seeking out support, and developing good study habits, students at at Wellington College Tianjin can navigate this transition successfully and thrive in their new academic and personal environments.

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