Never Give Up – Loria Raiola-Trapp’s Newly Released Book Empowers Readers To Manifest Their Dreams Into Reality

August 10 19:59 2023

Sarasota, Florida, USA – August 10, 2023 – Spiritual psychotherapist Loria Raiola-Trapp, M.Ed. has now released her latest book, Never Give Up On A Dream: A Guide for Living Your Dreams. Her new book is an empowering guide for anyone who wants to nurture their soul and live their life to the fullest. Helping readers navigate their dreams and desires, this book offers impactful tools for people to turn their dreams into reality, while also focusing on joy, self-care and inner fulfillment.

Never Give Up On A Dream is a highly comprehensive book that helps people tap into their inner reservoir of divinity and gain a deeper understanding of their vast emotional and spiritual landscape. Taking a deep-dive into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the human body, the author also shares how The Universal Law of Vibration and The Law of Attraction impact the way people approach their dreams. With affirmations and forgiveness, the book empowers readers to shed their past traumas and start transformative journeys. In addition to her highly effective tools and techniques, the author also shares her personal struggle with infertility. The tools shared in this book helped her turn her dream into reality and become a mother to healthy twins at the age of 50. Offering reflections on love, fear and the complex nature of human desire, the book is a complete guide for turning dreams into reality, while finding joy and pleasure in the process.

Loria Raiola-Trapp, M.Ed., is a spiritual psychotherapist, an angel yogi and a teacher who is highly passionate about helping people turn their dreams into reality. She wants to share her positive message with a large demographic of readers, while also ensuring that people from all walks of life can benefit from her profound techniques for transformation, spiritual growth, joy and fulfillment. Having worked as a school counselor and a private mental health practitioner for more than thirty years, Loria has gained a deep understanding of how people dream and desire.

Her new book is full of practical wisdom to help people dream big and fulfill their dreams at any stage of their lives. Combining scientific resources with spiritual wisdom, her new book is an important educational resource to help people accelerate their spiritual growth and dream without any fears.

Loria Raiola-Trapp M.Ed. is available for interviews and workshops.

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