Transforming the Solar Sales Realm: The Jordan Lally Model

March 18 02:58 2023
Transforming the Solar Sales Realm: The Jordan Lally Model

Jordan Lally, the young entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah, is improving the solar industry for the better. Despite being a promising technology, solar technology and affiliated businesses are still to gain popularity across the globe. When the lion’s share of the world’s young minds is busy figuring out what they want to do with their life, Jordan Lally is leading the lot with his successful and sustainable entrepreneurial ventures at a young age itself.

Jordan Lally is a successful entrepreneur in the solar industry and an inspiring mentor in the credit and business funding field. He has already closed around 500 deals and has an impressive student community of over 3,000 members. Thousands of people follow him on all his social media handles, including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

He was born and brought up in Fresno, California, and completed his schooling at Central High School, Fresno, California. He was an avid baseball player until age 17 and was even offered sports scholarships to play at D1 schools. But being passionate about self-employment and entrepreneurship, Jordan Lally took a break from studies and explored the opportunities in Salt Lake City, Utah.

He began his formal career as a digital marketer, especially for various solar companies. Despite being only 21 years of age, he grasped the tips and techniques of sales and the potential of solar sales. He soon shifted his focus to solar sales, but it didn’t take off as well as expected due to the lack of training opportunities.

When he stumbled upon Virtual Solar Club (VSC), things took a positive turn for him. He availed sales and business training from Josh King, a legend in the solar sales industry. The fire and passion exhibited by Jordan enabled him to soon partner up with the legend Josh King himself. In June 2022, Jordan officially partnered with Josh King, and by September 2022, he was selling solar by the Caribbean Sea.

VSC entrusted him that he would lead a small team with solar sales around the Caribbean Sea shores. Within the short span of four months, Jordan Lally and his team were able to gain a significant profit of $1,200,000 from the project. Each team member, including Mr. Lally, earned a solid share of $50,000/per month.

Ever since he has focused on solar sales and strives to deliver high-quality products and services to clients. He understands that the solar industry ensures the highest commissions ever provided in an industry and attempts to make the most of it.

Despite having a successful and stable career, Jordan Lally is also keen to give back to the community. He cherishes his experiences with Josh King and realizes the importance of training and mentoring in the sales industry. So, he extends his service as a mentor and guide who shares his insights on business funding and sales fundamentals.

His sessions mainly focus on increasing the credit score to avail funding to invest in oneself. He also talks about how to fix and rebuild credit and facilitate funds to the sales industry, especially the solar sales industry. He combines the solar sales industry possibilities with his insightful guidance on credit building to enable clients to launch their own businesses. Jordan Lally promises that by ardently following the credit building strategies, investing in yourself, and striving to fetch maximum results, success is a sure shot in the business industry, especially in the solar sales industry: his life itself stands proof.

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