Kristy Tyson Is All Set to Announce Her Debut Novel “Your Call: Critical Thinking for Decision Makers”

March 17 22:17 2023

Aspiring author Kristy Tyson excited to announce the launch of her debut novel Your Call: Critical Thinking for Decision Makers. A book that dives into how to make decisions in a structured way and is packed with practical advice and examples.

Kristy Tyson in her latest work looks at different decision making models, such as the Socratic Model, The Eisenhower Matrix, The Ladder of Inference Model, The 5 Whys Method, The Rational Decision-Making Model, and many more.

Through her work, author Kristy Tyson teaches the readers on the multitude of practical ways to solve a problem and make a decision. It also showcases how to evaluate all possible options and consider potential consequences or biases are associated with each other. It is time for you to take charge and take your decision making skills to the next level. Carefully decide on which solution would provide the best outcome for all parties involved.

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of how to select the model that’s right for each situation, and how best to implement it. If you’ve ever wondered how to make decisions strategically, or have ever felt overwhelmed with the choice that comes with decision making, this is the book for you.

Get your copy of Your Call: Critical Thinking for Decision Makers today and start making the right decisions with confidence. The publication will be commercially available for purchase via renowned online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle, starting in April of 2023.

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