Stormie Anderson, an RN from Michigan, helps individuals facing Hair Loss regain their confidence

January 24 15:45 2023
House of Contour Spa & Wellness is a Med Spa helping individuals facing hair loss to grow their hair through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), an injection treatment.

House of Contour Spa & Wellness is a Med Spa that is helping individuals face the issue of hair loss. House of Contour is on a mission to make individuals feel more confident about themselves by making their hair grow naturally. The business is run by Stormie Anderson, an RN, and her active team of medical professionals. Stormie Anderson, the company’s founder, is a registered nurse in Michigan. She is certified in Hair Restoration. 

The approach of House of Contour Spa & Wellness is quite amazing to know about. They administer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), an injection treatment that uses the components of a client’s blood to stimulate hair growth. Platelets are very small cells in the blood that contribute to immunity and are also involved in the clotting process. When  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the damaged area of the head, it causes mild inflammation. This inflammation further triggers the healing cascade. As the platelets organize in the tissue, they release several enzymes to promote tissue healing and restoration, which then promotes hair growth.

The mentioned technique helps clients tackle the sensitive issue of hair loss. Stormie Anderson claims that “We help clients enhance their natural beauty with non-invasive procedures.” She further added that “PRP is a tool that gives clients a sense of security within themselves.” With almost 14 years of experience in acute and critical care with multiple certifications in aesthetics, Ms. Anderson has made House of Contour a reliable place to invest in one’s beauty. She is passionate about her client’s physical and emotional well-being, which is quite evident in the results of the Med Spa. 

Currently, including Stormie Anderson, the House of Contour Spa & Wellness is composed of several medical professionals like Dr. Leonard Ellison, MedicalDirector, Veronica Smith, Nurse Practitioner,  and Milan Hayes, the esthetician. The team shares the same vision which Ms. Anderson possesses. Together they help their clients meet their personal needs and achieve their desired goals. The Medspa was started in a 300 sq feet suite and is now expanded to a four-room Med Spa where clients are enjoying a luxury experience.

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House of Contour Spa & Wellness is a Med Spa helping individuals facing hair loss to grow their hair through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) technique. The business is owned by Stormie Anderson who is a Registered Nurse in Michigan.

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