Creative Biogene Releases Comprehensive Mitochondrial Gene Expression Services

August 31 20:41 2022

New York, USA – August 31, 2022 – Creative Biogene today released comprehensive mitochondrial gene expression services with streamlined project procedures and high-standard mtDNA expression results.

“For years, we have been engaged in the mitochondrial study. Our scientists explore mitochondrial gene expression via mtDNA microarray expression profiling, gene chip data mining, key gene & protein verification, and functional gene synthesis. In the meantime, our end goal is to develop a complete, high-standard mitochondrial research platform for customers worldwide.” Said the project manager of Creative Biogene.

Mitochondrial gene expression study is helpful in revealing human diseases associated with mitochondria. On the one hand, it can offer clues for the research of mitochondrial gene function, uncovering the molecular mechanism for the occurrence and development of mitochondrial diseases. On the other hand, it can also be applied to biomarker screening for the guidance of novel therapeutics. Creative Biogene provides comprehensive mitochondrial gene expression solutions, which aim to conduct in-depth analyses of mitochondrial disorders from a holistic perspective.

Being a CRO in mitochondrial research, Creative Biogene has many years of experience providing one-stop mitochondrial services. For mtDNA expression, the company can complete all the experimental operations for customers using well-preserved tissue or cell samples provided by clients. In addition, its personalized data mining services are equipped with a series of high-throughput biological data analysis and processing features that could help researchers interpret the hybrid information of thousands of gene spots on the chip. Through the screening of effective data and clustering of related gene expression profiles, the biological information of hybridization sites can be integrated; meanwhile, possible relationships between gene expression profile and function can be revealed.

To further verify the analytical results, Creative Biogene offers efficient and accurate solutions for the identification of key genes and proteins within mitochondria. Based on its advanced technical platform, researchers can carry out a complete set of experiments covering screening, synthesis, validation, to analysis.

About Creative Biogene

As a leader in mitochondrial research, Creative Biogene has an experienced team of scientists and is equipped with a variety of high-end instruments to support the creation of a comprehensive mitochondrial research service platform. In addition to services, it also supplies various antibodies, kits, and reagents related to mitochondrial research. With cutting-edge technology and world-class mitochondrial research scientists, Creative Biogene integrates its unique platform to meet clients’ needs fully for all aspects of mitochondrial studies.

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