AuSeQuA Headlines EDM Stage for Mega Yacht Labor Day Weekend, San Diego

August 31 16:17 2022

San Diego – Aug. 31, 2022 – EDM producer and DJ, AuSeQuA, announced his next show will be on the $10 million Inspiration Hornblower yacht, part of the Pier Pressure® San Diego Labor Day Mega Yacht Party. The event is being held in celebration of the Labor Day weekend. AuSeQuA will be headlining the EDM stage from 4-8 p.m. on Sept. 4, 2022.

During the Pier Pressure® event, AuSeQuA fans will be treated to some of his unreleased tracks and remixes. He’s been working non-stop since he fully committed to a musical journey in Dec. 2019 and has become one of the most in-demand DJs in the U.S. and internationally. His many fans will also be happy to learn that he’s dropping new music in Oct.

He’s currently working on two additional tracks, both of which are currently untitled. He plans to complete them before mid-Sept. 2022 and release his “Lobo Solitario” EP on Oct 4 or Oct. 24, 2022, depending on how efficiently he can clean the frequencies and bring it to the right units of audio production. It contains some deep melodic tracks, along with others that are fun, energetic, and will keep people dancing.

“Amid producing this EP, I really felt like painting my emotions across the melody to convey this new breath of fresh air after rekindling with a dark chapter in my history,” said AuSeQuA. “This particular nostalgic wave had poignant undertow that inundated me with a hodgepodge of emotions

“If I’m being honest, I think I’ve always battled with a sense of unworthiness, overshadowed by inferiority complex, albeit this time I had a deeper introspection that brought a better glimpse of internal peace. Thus, the light of this introspection really induced an inspiration for me to dive underneath the surface of music theory in order to have my chord progressions tell my story.”

The opening song on the EP eloquently says it all and sums up his feelings – “Had enough, I’m so alone.” The lyrics manifested his mindset at the time of producing the specific track. “Of course, I always enjoy taking my listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, while keeping optimism buoyant,” said AuSeQuA.

“To sum it all up, this EP is like a melodic painting that depicts an introspection that emanates from a dark chapter of my life,” said AuSeQuA. “I really honed in on learning music theory to bring out the emotions with the flow of unique chord progressions, while keeping a solid groove afloat and maintaining an energetic momentum.

His most recent “Mujer Maiia” remix topped over 3 million streams in less than a week. His dark, melodic house tunes portray the depths of his mind amid battling cancer, while infusing his grooves with energy and life that translates directly to the dance floor. His high-energy electronic sets have made him a dance floor staple.

A man of music and mystery, the 34-year-old is famous for his unique sound, trademark wolf-themed mask, and ability to give audiences exactly what they want on the dance floor. The mask pays homage to the Mexican wolf, also known as lobo, that’s prominent in his home state of New Mexico. He seldom reveals himself to audiences, preferring to have them focus on the music.

His musical style is a seamless combination of classic and modern, with a sultry twist. His unique sound, commanding stage presence, and ability to give audiences what they want on the dance floor have made AuSeQuA a crowd favorite around the globe.

AuSeQuA’s upcoming set on the Inspiration Hornblower on Sept. 4, 2022 offers a unique way to celebrate the Labor Day holiday while cruising around the San Diego Harbor. His next show will be held in his hometown of Albuquerque, NM.

About AuSeQuA

A DJ and EDM producer, he’s a self-taught guitarist and pianist. From explosive electronic music to the softer sounds of progressive house, he tailers his sound to create the desired mood in each venue. Each track is carefully selected to match and build energy in the room and he’s one of the most highly-sought musicians in the U.S. and internationally.

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