Karriem Kanston’s book Growing Up Mental: A Son’s Story Highlights Mental Illness

August 30 03:15 2022
Author Karriem Kanston’s book Growing Up Mental: A Son’s Story sheds light on mental illness and the need to discuss it.

According to NAMI.org, one in four adults in the USA is affected by mental illness. Reports suggest that 57.7 million Americans suffer from mental problems. Many people avoid talking about mental illness problems. However, author Karriem Kanston, in his book Growing Up Mental: A Son’s Story, wants to spark more conversations between family and friends about mental illness and why it is important to talk about it.

The book “Growing Up Mental: A Son’s Story” is a first-person narrative told from the viewpoint of the author, who’s parents struggled with mental illness. His book is intended to encourage individuals to talk openly about mental illness, especially in communities of color. Along with relatives and friends that help those facing mental health challenges, he also wants to encourage those going through similar issues. Karriem hopes to inspire individuals to seek counseling and spiritual guidance as they travel on their life’s journey.

Events, experiences, and biblical passages are included in “Growing Up Mental: A Son’s Story,” along with community resources to help people speak up for themselves or their loved ones. In addition to Karriem’s advice and recommendations based on his experiences, there are statistics about mental health presented as well.

Karriem Kanston’s parents battled mental illness as he was growing up. He tells this tale from the perspective of his experiences. His objective is to have more conversations regarding this subject with family and friends. His objective is to share his story with audiences who want to learn from it and use it to better themselves and their lives.

“There is a taboo when speaking about mental illness even in the most modern societies. It is time to make discussions about mental health more common. With this book, I want to reach out to outlets that want to highlight black mental illness. By helping people with mental illness, you show that you have empathy for other human beings,” said the author.

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