East Texas MicroGreens Puts The ‘Green’ In Their Sustainable And Organic Microgreens

August 29 21:09 2022
With organic vegetables remaining a popular dietary trend in the modern era, East Texas MicroGreens offers their Dallas area customers fresh and conveniently stored products that are home-grown and eco-friendly to the max.

Dallas, TX, United States – In a community desperately trying to limit its carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that East Texas MicroGreens (ETMG) is leading the way with affordable, eco-friendly practices in the agriculture sector. They’re a sustainable agricultural business offering its customers ‘dense nutrition’ with every bite of their delicious, home-grown microgreens. 

Microgreens are all the rage these days – offering consumers half the density of fully matured greens and packed with nutrients and flavor. And the best part about ETMG’s products? They make it easy; they deliver. Customers buy organic microgreens in ultra-fresh condition online from ETMG, receive them weekly via delivery, then store them in their refrigerators for 10 days without losing any of that freshness. 

Then there’s the fact that ETMG are firm believers in spreading their knowledge about sustainable agriculture to their community. As the CEO and founder, Kirsten Weissert, puts it: “We proudly serve the public, not only by delivering high-quality, organic produce but by educating the public on building healthy eating habits and growing sustainable food sources with almost zero waste and a very small carbon footprint.”


East Texas MicroGreens is a local organic vertical farm that educates surrounding communities on the benefits of developing healthy eating habits and delivers the purest, freshest produce to residents on harvest day. ETMG prides themselves on being a farm that uses very little land, less soil, less water, less energy, no pesticides, and no fertilizers, yet offers dense nutrition in completely compostable packaging, and is available 365 days per year.

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