Schneider Electric Field Services – creating a partner eco-system across Africa

August 27 09:15 2022

By Patrick Kazadi Marketing and Business Development Director, Field Services (Anglophone Africa) at Schneider Electric 

After-sales service plays a fundamental role in realising continued operational excellence and enhanced TCO.

Furthermore, after-sales service has the potential to create a lucrative and highly efficient eco-system that benefit OEMs and their partner network, ensuring companies have the requisite support irrespective of their geographical location.

A service deliver partnership can also provide local companies with a dedicated revenue stream, creating employment opportunities and skills development.  

In the case of Schneider Electric, we refer to our after-sales service as Field Services which aims to, in a nutshell, resolve customer issues such as breakdowns as quickly as possible while also optimising equipment lifecycle through maintenance, modernisation and digital services.

Schneider Electric Field Services sees our partners a vital part of our team.  As with most OEMs, we prioritise key centres and this is where our partners play such an important role as they can provide support to customers across the country.

Moreover, through our partner programme, we ensure that all certified partners deliver the same service as our engineers, ensuring consistency and up-to-date analytics, maintenance, and monitoring tools.

By forming part of an OEM’s after-sales team, local entrepreneurs, and companies, big and small, have the opportunity to generate valuable revenue streams in their respective geographical areas.

Team Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s Field Services division currently has almost 50 partners across the continent based in countries such as include Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, the DRC, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Our partners cover specific segments such as MMM (Mining, Minerals & Metals), CPG (consumer packaged goods) and CSP (Cloud and Service Provider), Finance, Oil and Gas (OG) , Industrial Manufacturing ,Power and Grid (PG) to mention but a few.  Our partners are truly an extension of our business as they not only provide support and repair services but also carry spares, replace obsolete products, and use proprietary testing tools.

Encouragingly, our partners across the continent are experiencing business growth, supported by the newest products and advancements in services and repair. 

Schneider Electric’s Field Service partner programme features various levels such as:

  • Resellers – who mostly rely in Schneider Electric’s Field Services team to offer support, repair, and maintenance.
  • Performers – these partners feature a team of engineers who are self-sufficient and as mentioned are an extension of the Field Service team, performing repair and maintenance.

Schneider Electric’s partners must meet specific criteria which includes providing a business case on why they should be appointment in a specific area.  Furthermore, they must have the right competences and resources.

Once a partner is appointed, they will receive training and marketing support. Partners are however expected in invest in recommended testing and attend the training.

At Schneider Electric, we understand the importance of offering a partner support structure to our clients that meet our own global standards.  To this end, our partners are always up to speed with the newest offerings and feature the requisite training.

As the Field Services team we are committed to work in hand-in-hand with our partners to develop our presence throughout Africa.  We intend to extend our partner network; Africa is a big continent and as an OEM we need our partners to support our customers, irrespective of their geographical location. 

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