On applying for Indian Visa via Indian Visa Application Online, applicants can obtain an e-Visa directly to their email id

August 27 00:15 2022

By applying for an Indian Visa via Indian Visa Application Online – www.india-visa-online.org, applicants can receive the e-Visa directly to their email. On receiving the e-Visa, they can either use its soft copy or hard copy at the airport based on their choice. Indian Visa Online is an electronic travel document introduced by the Indian Government to simplify the Visa application process. With this facility foreigners from 180 eligible countries are now able to travel to India for tourism, business visits, or medical treatment or consultation. Different e-Visas are available for each of these purposes, and all of them come with a particular validity period. Usually, Indian tourist e-Visa and business e-Visa comes with a long-term validity and also offers multiple entry facility, while medical e-Visa is a triple entry Visa that offers a short-term validity (60 days).

Indian Visa for Argentina

All Argentina citizens regardless of their age must have an Indian e-Visa or Visa to enter India. The Online method of Visa application is much easier when compared with the paper Visa application; thus, it is the best choice for everyone. Argentina citizens can easily apply for an Indian Visa via www.india-visa-online.org in a short time. Mostly, it will take only five minutes or less to complete the eTA application. Argentina citizens must possess a valid passport, email id, and credit or debit card to apply for an Indian e-Visa. Other than these requirements, they only need a mobile phone with an internet connection to complete the eTA application.

Indian Visa for Belgian citizens

Indian e-Visa for Belgian citizens is valid for arrival by certain designated airports and seaports. Currently, there are28 authorized airports and 5 designated seaports through which Belgian citizens can enter India using an Indian e-Visa. On applying for Indian Visa via www.india-visa-online.org, Belgian citizens can obtain it directly to their email within 3 to 4 business days. They do not even have to spend the least effort for this purpose because everything can be done from their home.

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