Cybermine Finance will bring about the real DeFi 3.0 revolution

August 27 02:01 2022

It is reported that Cybermine Finance will launch its public beta version before the end of August this year. Many DeFi insiders said that Cybermine will become a real DeFi 3.0 revolution and have high expectations for it. The Cybermine Finance team has won investment from a number of funds in the industry, and its model is favored by the upstream and downstream of the industry.

When it comes to Cybermine Finance, many people in the DeFi may think of the Olympus DAO in the DeFi 2.0 period and the Titano Finance model in the early stage of DeFi 3.0. This is because Cybermine Finance integrates the advantages of the two models for upgrading and transformation, and integrates the elements of NFT mining, so that the circulation of wealth is more smooth and the guarantee of income is obtained.

Cybermine is an open, free, democratic and innovative project community that explores and builds the most advanced and optimized economic and financial system through the co-creation, co-decision-making, co-governance and cooperation of community members. Cybermine is the world’s highest payment APY with non-fungible token on the BSC network and the best auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol ever, Cybermine Financial aims to bring a new type of elastic supply to decentralized finance and Web3 Stablecoin solution that combines a multi-asset reserve mechanism.

It has to be mentioned that Cybermine Finance is Cross Chian, based on BSC, Fantom And Avalanche Network. This will greatly facilitate users on different chains and expand the market of Cybermine Finance. Although cross-chain is a large development investment, after the evaluation of the Cybermine Finance team, it is still firmly committed to multi-chain development and application scenarios, which is favored by many users.


Cybermine meets and guarantees the healthy, stable and high growth of the platform by providing community members with a diversified wealth growth system. Cybermine’s wealth growth system includes the following key outcomes:

1. Cybermine’s Secure and Automatic Stacking Protocol (C-SAP) delivers the industry’s highest perpetual traffic APY, driving revenue growth based on your wallet and quickly resetting rewards every 5 minutes.

2. Build a decentralized, stable and censorship-resistant reserve currency system (C-CS), highly liquid and widely used in the Cybermine financial system and Web3.

3. In addition, the non-fungible token mining platform (C-SAS) based on virtual mining tool application scenarios such as SHOVELS, AXES and SWORDS combines GameFi, Social alFi and automatic staking to achieve decentralized finance 3.0 freedom.

Cybermine Finance is a community-owned, decentralized, censorship-resistant reserve currency that is highly liquid and widely used on the web. In this revolution of decentralized finance 3.0, Cybermine Finance is expected to bring us financial freedom and financial security, with automatic staking and compounding in users’ Dex wallets!

Cybermine Financial always monitors changes in the total value of reserves to calculate the average price of USD in circulation and adjusts the market-making peg price of USD in the primary market through the REORDERS mechanism.

“This is not easy. Initially, after optimizing the DeFi mode, we found that players can easily win super high returns. We repeatedly debugged the model and values, and doubled the computing power of the stable mode. For the growth of players’ revenue and the safety of revenue, we redesigned the data verification logic to ensure that players’ data is guaranteed to the greatest extent.
… CEO of Mattia Norman

The Cybermine Finance team has designed a product with sustainability and growth in mind. With Cybermine Finance’s main token of CME supply as 100,000,000, plus 3% automatic burn fees and a 2-second repositioning program, the entire team and industry experts expect linear growth. Cybermine Finance encourages transaction volume as this provides 8% tax revenue for the protocol, and an additional 5% revenue to the Cybermine Finance Energy Conservation (CES) wallet. This offsets interest in excess of daily grants. Cybermine Finance’s team says these measures will be able to sustain APY. In short, the more dollars CME trades each day, the more the Treasury and CES balances automatically grow to help achieve long-term sustainability and future growth. Cybermine Finance also has a Cybermine Financial Automated Liquidity Engine (CALE) that automatically injects an additional 4% liquidity every 48 hours to maintain protocol stability.

Cybermine Finance’s tokenomics are said to be the most important part of the DeFi 3.0 revolution.

According to the review, Cybermine Finance has taken special measures to ensure the safety of investors. For example, a comprehensive KYC verification of the entire team will be carried out on the Pinksale platform, and players learn that the project team has been KYC, which can increase investor confidence and know that any malicious behavior by the team will result in their information being provided to law enforcement.

Cybermine Finance’s smart contracts have been audited, and auditing smart contracts can mitigate potential reputational and financial exposure to all CME token holders and foster confidence in the project from a technical perspective.

The Cybermine Finance team consists of 7 highly respected blockchain and dApp developers, 3 marketers and their founder. They have many domain contacts in crypto, allowing their team to easily reach influencers and gain advantages over their competitors. It is also important to note that after Cybermine Finance receive successful funding from their upcoming pre-launch, they will be looking to expand the team size, which will allow them to rapidly expand the Cybermine Finance brand and market.






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