Frightclub Becomes The Premier Destination For Rare And Authentic Digital Horror Art Collectibles. 

August 25 21:35 2022
Own a piece of history and create the future with the ultimate virtual horror community.

Horror has a new face with Fright Club. As Halloween season approaches, Fright Club is releasing new, limited edition rare digital art for collectors. Defining the space for horror lovers on the blockchain, their NFTs combine the best of horror films with high artistic value through signed digital memorabilia, original animated series, and short-form vignettes that should be on the dream list of all horror enthusiasts.  The project debuted in October of 2021 as a part of Dapper Labs Flowfest, a crypto-jubilee showcasing the newest and the most innovative creative projects on the Flow blockchain.  

NFTs are unique tokens that exist on a blockchain like Ethereum or Flow and signify ownership, typically over an image or 3D asset.  They can be bought, sold, or traded on primary and secondary marketplaces and stored in a digital wallet. Fright Club has partnered with Blocto wallet and recently partnered with Find2.0 on the Flow blockchain as a secondary marketplace.

The majority of their collection was created by art director Nicholas Siegel, digital artist and filmmaker, using 3D animation and advanced digital art techniques.  Custom gaming experiences, AR and VR extensions based on their original content are currently in development. Dapper Labs Flow has been dubbed The “Normie” Blockchain, aiming to bring mainstream audiences into the ecosystem exemplified by the success of their collaboration with the NBA, NBATopshot. Dapper Labs recently expanded its reach by teaming up with Meta and Coinbase to showcase NFTs on Instagram. 

Fright Club believes strongly in empowering fan communities worldwide through content and has partnered with actors from horror films to create their digital legacy for future fans. Tony Moran, best known for playing Michael Myers unmasked in the renowned 1978 movie Halloween, participated in the beta launch of the project. Future drops will feature signed digital memorabilia from other prominent actors from best loved horror films.

Speaking about the idea behind the origin of Fright Club, Beam CEO Sangeeta Nayak, said, “Our vision is to bring the essence of horror, past, present, and future –  to web3 with high artistic value for discerning digital art collectors. In addition to paying homage to an immensely popular film genre, we wanted to create an elevated standard of content that can live in perpetuity on the blockchain, that people are proud of owning. We have so much planned for the future through innovation made possible by web3 technology.”

Fright Club NFTs, which were previously only available on the Flow ecosystem, will soon be available cross-chain on Open Sea. The next collection of rare, limited-edition series is slated to drop throughout September.

About Fright Club 

Developed by Beam, a tight team of creatives and creators building a comprehensive collection of compelling, immersive entertainment experiences primed for web3. Fright Club plans to create a richer, more comprehensive web3 presence by translating each art piece into other realms to be experienced, such as VR, AR, gaming, and immersive art experiences.

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