Introducing Vibin Ape Society – the Pioneering NFT collection that Offers Dividends

August 25 22:09 2022

Vibin’ Ape Society converges the realms of music and NFTs into one breakthrough collection, supported by Vibed, a decentralized streaming application. Moving forward, the Vibin’ Ape Society is set to cause a commotion in the cryptocurrency market and compete with the most significant NFT collections.


Uncovering the Ecosystem of Vibin’ Ape Society

Owing to its breakthrough applications in the real world, being a shareholder in Vibed is simple. Most importantly, this does not involve any of the red tape often associated with buying company shares.

Serving as the core economic unit of this ecosystem, $VBD is the native utility token as it offers a method of compensating users and NFT holders for their unwavering loyalty to the system. Users that connect their Vibin’ Ape Society NFT wallets to the Vibed streaming platform will get bonus tokens for each broadcast they participate in, while owners of the rare Alpha tokens will receive even greater rewards.

Overall, Vibed offers an alternative to paying a monthly fee as a membership price in the form of monetary compensation for users who stream music on the site. This is accomplished by conferring points for each audio piece investors stream. These points may later be exchanged for $VBD crypto tokens.

How Vibin’ Ape Society Deploys Dividends

This initiative deploys a mechanism analogous to the ownership of stocks in a traditional firm, as the ownership of a Vibin’ Ape Society NFT grants a shareholder position in the Vibed streaming app, which is a platform for audio streaming the position is a shareholder in the app.

Furthermore, the Vibin’ Ape Society will use the deflationary protocol to guarantee the sustainability of the $VBD token throughout the foreseeable future. In this case, 50% of the profits made from trading the project’s NFT will be utilized to repurchase the $VBD tokens that were previously issued.

Conversely, the purchased tokens will be burnt immediately, taking them out of circulation. Because of this, there will be a lesser supply of the tokens, which will lead to an increase in demand and, as a consequence, an increase in the value of each individual token. Ultimately, implementing the Ticket to Anyplace feature will guarantee that members of the Vibin’ Ape Society who possess NFTs will never be without events to attend. Music festivals, musical events, and music/art exhibitions all over the globe will likely be available to holders, regardless of the size of the event. They need to do nothing more than hold an NFT.

After all, the Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs are a relatively new collection amid a vast industry, but they seek to disrupt this sector and bring unprecedented benefits to their community. 

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