Three International Youth Awards Announced, How International Awards Can Secure Child’s Educational Future

August 25 02:57 2022

Recently, three international awards that have gained popularity in the past two years have announced the winners of 2022. They are the Futurism STEM Award in the academic category, the Dynamic Art Award (DAA) in the art category, and Cosmopolitan Writing Award (CWA) in the writing category. A number of Chinese and Asian students’ names are on the official list of winners, demonstrating strong momentum.

Futurism STEM Award( is a yearly competition that focuses on excellence in science, mathematics and technology, providing young people with the opportunity to compete in individual innovation and team research in regional and national platforms.

Dynamic Art Award( is dedicated to identifying the most accomplished young artists in the fields of visual and digital Art and providing them with opportunities for creative and professional development.

Cosmopolitan Writing Award( is dedicated to identifying the most talented and accomplished young writers in the field of literary art, and providing creative and professional support.

Obviously, students who want to apply for world-class high schools or universities not only need to meet the requirements of standardized scores, but also win the internationally recognized academic competition awards, which could be both the proof of excellent academic performance and be the important tool for application.

In the past, there were few competitions available for students prior to high school. The appearance of these three awards filled the gap in this area and are ideal for families with the goal of being admitted to Ivy League. With the experienced host teams and strict selection standards, these awards have been able to garner public attention among the large variety of events at home and abroad.

It is important to note that achieving “Ivy League” goals is not something that can be accomplished overnight but requires long-term preparation. If they move backwards from the goal to the early stage, they can start planning from an early age.

Next is a partial list of international awards that are widely recognized throughout the United States and around the world, including academic, art, writing, and social science/business.


1. American Mathematical Competition (AMC)

One of the most popular mathematics competitions for middle school students at present, there are AMC8, AMC10, and AMC12 for different grade levels (both AMC and AIME are part of the U.S. national team selection for the International Mathematical Olympiad IMO).

2. Futurism STEM Award

Focusing on competitions in the fields of mathematics, science, and technology, it is dedicated to young innovators and scientists, providing opportunities for individual innovation and team research. At present, it has received response and attention from most countries in the world. Suitable for students aged 8-18.

3. Physics Bowl

The American High School Physics Competition, the most influential physics competition in the United States, is attended by over 10,000 students every year.

4. FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

FIRST Robotics Competition is the largest industrial-level robotics competition for high school students today and is recognized by universities worldwide.

5. Dongrun-Yau Science Awards

Dongrun-Yau Science Award was established in 2008 by Mr. Shing-Tung Yau, a renowned Chinese mathematician, for Chinese secondary school students worldwide. It currently contains five major academic subject competitions in the categories of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science.


1. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, one of the largest and most prestigious top competitions in North America. Suitable for students in grades 7-12, US high school students can submit 29 projects.

2. Dynamic Art Award (DAA)

DAA is one of the most innovative competitions worldwide, dedicated to discovering the most accomplished young artists in the visual and digital arts and providing them with opportunities for creative and professional development. Suitable for students aged 8-16.


1. John Locke Essay Writing Competition

John Locke Essay Writing Competition aims to examine students’ basic knowledge structure, independent thinking skills, and clear logical and dialectical analysis in a variety of subject areas. The winning students over the years have been admitted to the world’s top universities.

2. New York Times Summer Reading Contest

NYT Summer Reading Contest inspires high school students around the world to gain insight into the world around them, to think about their place in the world, and to improve their ability to communicate their ideas through writing.

3. Cosmopolitan Writing Award (CWA)

Focuses on discovering the most talented and accomplished young writers in the field of literature and art, and providing them with creative and professional support. It is an up-and-coming award with rising popularity overseas, and its value should not be underestimated. Suitable for students aged 8-16.

Social Science/Business

1. National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA)

The National Speech and Debate Association is the oldest and largest high school speech and debate honorary organization in the United States. It cultivates students’ critical thinking, attentive listening, and in-depth research skills.

2. International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO)

IPO is one of the few philosophy competitions in the world. With few participants, it still possesses very high level of difficulty. All Chinese students who have participated in this competition have been admitted to the world’s top universities.

3. Wharton KWHS Investment Competition (Wharton KWHS)

Wharton KWHS Investment Competition was first opened to China in 2017. The competition was co-designed by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and renowned professors in the finance world. It is aimed at middle school students in grades 7-12 around the world to test their ability to collaborate, communicate, and understand their investment strategies in the face of risk.

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