LOZICS Offers Reliable Transport Billing Solutions

August 23 02:18 2022
LOZICS, a trusted logistics, and transport software offer reliable solutions for transport billing.

A logistics business requires stable and trusted oversight to have its operations run smoothly. LOZICS is a transport and logistics software that provides organizations with solutions that help with managing their business activities effectively. The software was developed by BNG Infotech Private Limited, a company dedicated to providing and developing affordable and cost-effective technological ERP software solutions for fleet, logistics, and transport management. The transport and logistics software is a fully integrated cloud digital tool that can be used as SaaS and is GST compliant. Its features and efficient solutions assist many transport companies with digitizing their businesses and improving their productivity. The software is easily accessible and can be used on mobile devices. Moreover, the software can be used for businesses involving retail/parchoon load, full truck load, automobile carriers, bulk carriers, fleet owners, transport agencies, container load, and cargo & courier.

In response to a query about its solutions, the spokesperson of LOZICS commented, “Our software was developed by combining over 15 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology. LOZICS, today, is a highly efficient and resourceful digital tool providing logistics & transport ERP solutions that offer high productivity, drives business growth, and helps with monitoring important aspects of business operations. We have applied our software to various logistics operations & businesses. With our experience in this field, we have assisted over 300 logistics companies with monitoring their activities digitally and effectively. Our software offers businesses full control over their operations and helps them achieve their goals faster and seamlessly.”

LOZICS provides its users with the solutions they need to effectively run different operations, as it has tailor-made modules available to meet various needs. For instance, the software’s transport operations offer solutions involving transshipment, crossing, delivery, contracts-freight, shortages, orders, and bookings. As a transport management software, it also provides companies with solutions that help to control pilferages through checks & balances, improve business capabilities, and increase profitability. By digitizing transport business operations, companies get to save more time and keep detailed records of their operations. Being a top software for logistics management LOZICS helps with details such as lorry hiring, pay-outs, goods booking, and many more. It is a web-based software solution with a trusted management system.  

The spokesperson added, “LOZICS has various modules. They include the transport management module, fleet management module, accounting management module, and add-on modules. It serves as accounting software and a cloud logistics management system with qualities that offer visibility, accuracy, and integrity. It can also be referred to as GST-compliant transport billing software, and it has an accounting management system with two subsystems. The first is derived by integrating the accounting aspect from logistics operational modules, and the second function is to receive and make payments against operational accounting entries. The accounting system is referred to by many as the backbone of a company, as this is the aspect that deals with earnings and generates liquidity.”

LOZICS offers a wide range of solutions that customers can choose based on their needs or requirements. Thus, organizations on the lookout for a TMS software company can give the solutions of LOZICS a try.


LOZICS is a highly resourceful logistics and transport digital tool that is also recognized as a reliable transport billing software.

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