DearPro Launches First AI Technology to Connect Homeowners and Service Professionals

August 18 20:29 2022
DearPro is a growth platform for service professionals. The company helps home service businesses get more clients with its different software products.

New York, NY, USA – DearPro, an innovative venture based in New York, announces the launch of the first AI-driven platform to connect homeowners and service professionals. The state-of-the-art platform is expected to transform the way the home service industry operates by bringing in more transparency and efficiency.

Speaking on the occasion, Joe Brown, CEO & Founder of DearPro, said, “We are excited to launch our flagship platform that is designed to drive revenues for home service businesses. Our new AI technology allows homeowners to engage with service professionals 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from virtually any site. Our Artificial intelligence chat converts clients from sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, and more. With its results-driven multi-channel approach, the platform will play a key role in elevating brands and professionals in the services sector.”

DearPro is a creative technology venture that develops pioneering AI-based applications and tech solutions to help SMEs and professionals in the service sector scale their businesses. The company takes pride in its team of experienced technology professionals who know how to build high-performance scalable platforms and tools powered by the latest cutting-edge technology. Despite the modest beginning, DearPro has quickly evolved into a leading AI-powered company with clients across the nation.

“Our mission is to drive growth for home service professionals through innovative technology so they can provide better services to more homeowners,” says Joe. “Majority of service professionals usually rely on word-of-mouth publicity, while some do a bit of offline advertising. However, these traditional marketing strategies fail to drive the anticipated results. DearPro offers a next-gen platform to help them discover more work opportunities within their desired service locations.”

The team behind DearPro has several years of experience in developing and implementing AI applications across various industries. With Joe’s exemplary vision, guidance, and leadership, the company continues to achieve greater heights by offering a suite of powerful technology solutions to its clients.

“From initial onboarding to getting your first client, our team is always ready to guide you to use our platform optimally and maximize the benefits you can get out of it,” says Joe. “The feature-rich platform helps you engage your potential customers and drive conversions. At DearPro, we’re all about results. Results that generate more clients and revenue. Results that change your business and your life.”

For service professionals, serving their clients efficiently is a priority over acquiring the knowledge and resources to develop, execute and optimize their marketing strategies. That is why they need a platform like DearPro that can help them generate a constant stream of targeted leads.

The team at DearPro consists of technology and marketing specialists who work tirelessly to enhance and upgrade the platform with new features based on market trends and user feedback. They are constantly looking to integrate innovative ideas to connect your brand with your potential customers. Led by visionary management and supported by a remarkable team, DearPro is setting a gold standard for creativity, reliability, and performance.

“DearPro is committed to using the best practices and staying on top of the latest developments in AI technology. Our cloud-based business growth platform is now transforming over 3,500 businesses nationwide and this number continues to grow every day. We pride ourselves on our ability to think differently, which helps us serve our clients in a unique and creative way. Our decisions are guided by our customer-focused approach and we use our imagination to create wow moments for each of our customers, day after day,” adds Joe.

About DearPro

DearPro is a technology venture that offers cloud-based AI-powered software solutions to help SMEs and service professionals grow their businesses. The company is based in New York, USA.

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