Local Children’s Book Author is Creating New Reading Toys, Bed Sheets and Penned 14 Children’s books

April 14 17:10 2022
Author Annette Bentley Smith who has written 14 children’s books has turned into a businesswoman. Pre-sale for her plush toys and bed sheets for children will start soon.

Annette Bentley Smith is a writer of children’s books. She has already written 14 books in Henry County and began writing books in the late 1990s. It was her mother who planted the seed of writing in her. However, she realized this urge to write after her first son had a skin tone incident. This propelled her to write her first book, What Color Am I?

“I saw a 9-year-old boy read my book about divorce. This made him tearful. This triggered my passion for writing, and I began to develop a unique style that would help me make a mark in my world. Children need a positive distraction, and I wanted to be that source of positive distraction for them,” said Annette Bentley Smith.

The writer aims to enhance the children’s reading skills with these books. This is especially true during the pandemic when the kids have been subjected to a school year of virtual learning. 

The characters developed by the author are interesting and stay with the children even after they have finished reading the stories. Some of her stories are real and have been written in a fictional manner. There is an educational touch in the stories. She was nominated by AMG Heritage Awards for 2019 Author of the Year. 

The official website of the author has options for pre-ordering toys. Parents can place their order for a plush toy named Kobe. The name has been derived from K.O from Koala and B.E from Bear. This toy plays the original stories penned down by the author, plays soothing music, downloads recordings, has headphone jacks, and is also a pillow.

The twin-sized bed sheets come with an original story about bullying, a word search game, typing keyboard, questions, and positive affirmations.

For more information, visit www.mrsanniebooks.com  

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Phone Number – 770.601.5561

About Annette Bentley Smith:

Annette Bentley Smith is a children’s book author. She began writing books in the late 1990s and has already written 14 books in Henry County. The author’s characters are intriguing, and the children remember them long after they have finished reading the stories. AMG Heritage Awards nominated her for 2019 Author of the Year.


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