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November 17 16:47 2021
The 100% remote marketing agency is a leading provider of & revenue-focused SEO, CRO, web development & paid advertising solutions designed to help businesses worldwide improve their organic search results, drive leads, increase conversions and boost ROI.

Digitalization has changed the way customers decide on purchases. More than 70 percent of customers begin their search for products or services through search engines, which lends an edge to companies with high search engine rankings as most internet users never visit the second page of search engine result pages. Although search engines like Google are extremely powerful, many businesses still fail to leverage this power. It’s high time for companies to have an efficient online marketing strategy to improve their visibility on search engines. 

Incorporating a perfect balance of SEO & paid media into the online marketing strategy can help drastically improve website traffic and conversions. However, attaining high Google rankings with these digital marketing channels is not easy. Not all businesses have efficient internal marketing teams or resources to build them to undergo tedious SEO procedures to maintain a good search engine ranking & get the desired conversions. This is where experts at Convert 4 come in to take the guesswork out of SEO.

Convert 4 provides unique, tailored marketing campaigns that guarantee results through its proven 5-step formula to transform websites into fast traffic and revenue-driving tools. Steered by a seasoned digital marketing strategist Mathew Bojerski, the company ensures that every campaign they create is designed with the client’s unique needs in mind to suit their business or campaign objectives. With its top-notch services by digital marketing obsessors and web development experts, the company has helped its diverse range of clients increase its website revenue & bottom line.

The company is revolutionizing SEO by avoiding all the outdated SEO practices of tracking via just Google Analytics, building irrelevant backlinks, and not paying attention to technical SEO and UX layout preferences. Convert 4 has a unique order of operation that covers all aspects of SEO for driving organic traffic and running effective conversion rate optimization campaigns. Internet users and search engines have one thing in common. Both are not fans of slow-loading websites. The technical SEO experts will make the site fit for an ideal user experience, from making sure the hosting is fast and stable to fixing any errors on the site and ensuring it loads in perfect time.

The SEO services by the firm include on-page SEO to improve keyword targeting, off-page SEO to earn more high-quality links and mentions throughout the web to get noticed by Google, customer-centric content creation so companies can get the right message out there for their targeted audience, and testing to make sure everything is working properly. The company leverages its own proprietary testing and tracking tool “Hive Mind” to evaluate SEO campaigns. The software tests and tracks which SEO efforts are providing results versus those that waste resources to fine-tune the strategies. 

In addition to highly profitable SEO services, the company offers strategic consulting services, web design development, creative ad design, and paid media services.

For more information about the company and to schedule a free consultation session, visit the official website of Convert 4.

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